Chapter 3 Wind Wolf Town

The town where they are located is called Wind Wolf Town. Both the monster tribe and the spirit tribe should have very powerful existences, at least from the words of the pig mothers.

And human beings are the lowest-class slaves in this world. These children are all raised together, and then receive servitude education, and then become slaves to the nobles. To put it simply, even if he is the property of the Master Wind Wolf in Wind Wolf Town, he is still the least valuable one.

There should be a lot of humans. From the words of Mother Pig, we can tell that the only thing that humans can do is fertility. The fertility of the two races of fairies is relatively poor, which is the basis for human survival.

The shortcoming of humans in this world is that they are too weak. In the eyes of the monsters and spirits, humans can’t even do the hard work. But humans are smarter than other slave races, and can do some more elaborate tasks. Another reason is that for some monsters and spirits, humans have more delicate skin and flesh, which is a better food.

Slaves, food…

it seems to be miserable and can no longer be miserable!

Tang San could only comfort himself silently, since it was already so miserable, if there were some good changes in the future, he would feel happy.

The only thing he is worried about now is where his wife will be reincarnated, and whether it will be as miserable as himself!

I have to say that Mother Pig’s milk is much more nutritious than Tang San’s biological mother. At least enough to eat.

When he was about six months old, Tang San felt that he was finally in a physical condition similar to that of a normal human child in the world.

And this kind of physical condition also makes him look a bit fatter than the other thin children around him. At this half-year-old, that means I can look fatter. This also made Mama Pig apparently prefer him more. In this world, it seems that strong is beautiful.

However, at the age of six months, there is no milk to eat. Instead, it is something similar to squishy. Throw a small pot directly beside them. Eat with your own hands. How much you eat depends on how much you can grab.

Most children can’t even sit up. Mother pig often has to use a spoon to feed them patiently.

At this time, Tang San was more and more favored by Mother Pig, and he could already grab and eat from the pot with his little hands.

Therefore, it is natural to eat more, and even occasionally be rewarded with milk.

I don’t know what I’m eating, as long as I can take care of my fullness.

Tang San was full, lying in the grass nest, suddenly wanting to laugh. Because he suddenly remembered that in his previous life, he had a friend who would often say, and there was also a golden phoenix in the grass nest!

I’ve grown up in a grass nest, and I don’t know what my friends would look like if they knew it.

Thoughts flashed, Tang San closed his eyes, and quietly pulled some thatch cover over him to keep him warm. Then silently guided his body blood with his mind.

This is not the first time he has been born again. The world in which he was reborn the last time was called Douluo Continent. Compared to that time, this time is obviously much more miserable. But finally there is a chance to survive now. Therefore, he has to work hard to become stronger first.

Xuantian Gong was the most basic technique he cultivated back then. Zhongzheng is peaceful. There is nothing more appropriate than this foundation.

When he was reborn last time, he had already practiced the first stage of Xuan Tian Gong when he was six years old. Thus laid the foundation for the later achievement of the god king.

But in this life, his understanding of Xuan Tian Gong was obviously not much deeper than when he was reborn last time. The only problem is that this body is too weak and can only come a little bit.

With a half-year-old body, in fact, he can’t do much, and he won’t be able to cultivate anything even as a baby because of being reborn. The meridians of the young body haven’t grown well yet, even if it’s Xuan Tian Gong, he can’t really function. The only thing I can do is to pass through the Xuan Tian Gong method, coupled with my own spiritual consciousness, barely feel the spiritual energy of the heaven and the earth in the air, silently absorb a little bit, and try to nourish my body.

His first attempt started a few days ago. He is half a year old and his body is okay. Although he is not strong, it is not the time when he who is weak at any time seems to face the test of life and death.

And when Tang San first tried to perceive the world through his own bit of spiritual knowledge, he was surprised to find that in this world where humans are humble dogs, the aura is actually rich and scary.

This Wind Wolf Town is by no means a treasure, it is just one of the most common monster clan territory, but when he perceives the world, he clearly feels that the aura here is extremely rich and pure. This is much richer than the Douluo Continent where he was when he was reborn for the first time. He couldn’t be sure even if Douluo Xing had such a strong aura after evolution.

In fact, he was entangled and worried in his heart before the temptation. The most worried thing was that this was an age of the end of the law, without the slightest aura and vitality. The so-called clever women can hardly cook without rice. Humans themselves are slaves. The days to come will almost certainly be precarious. If the progress of cultivation is slow and pitiful, will they be pinched to death at any time in the face of powerful monsters and spirits?

And this rich spiritual energy made Tang San breathe a sigh of relief, and this was also the first good news he got after he came into this world. At least, with this strong spiritual energy, once he can start practicing, he will naturally cultivate much easier.

Absorb a little bit every day, quietly improving my body, only improving the inner, not the surface. On the surface, he is just a little more energetic than ordinary children, and he is also relatively thin.

As the days passed, the children gradually became able to speak. Among them, about a quarter of the children died silently.

There is no medical treatment here at all, just some food. No one came to teach anything. You have to learn to speak by yourself.

When they were one year old and barely able to leave, they were sent to another place and managed by a strict pig demon. It is also thatched, and the wooden house is barely cold. In a two-hundred-square-meter house, two hundred human children were sent here. The amount of food is only enough for one hundred and fifty children.

From the conversation between the Pig Demon and the Wolf Demon, Tang San could understand the human child who could compete to eat, and the body would be stronger, and he could last longer as a slave in the future. Those with poor health do not need to waste food.

Except for feeling sad for the humans in this world, and planting a seed of resistance in his heart, he can do nothing when he is only one year old.

With the nourishment of absorbing spiritual energy, Tang San’s body was naturally much stronger than that of his peers. But he only takes the food that his body needs every day, and leaves the rest for others. He could only watch the thinnest children dying to be taken away, but couldn’t do anything.

Whenever the night is quiet, he will absorb the spiritual energy while silently thinking.

It has been a year since he came to this world. Seeing human beings live a life that is really worse than pigs and dogs, his heart is anxious and painful. He didn’t dare to think about it, what if his reincarnated wife experienced the same life as himself, perhaps another child who was dying and was taken away? You know, she is a real reincarnation, the kind of reincarnation that will forget everything in the previous life!

Whenever he thought of this, he couldn’t help but add a strong anger to the world in his heart. Why, human beings are so weak in this world. Xiao Wu, where are you!

He really wants to grow up and become stronger quickly. In that case, he would be able to find his own Xiao Wu.

She must be alive! Will definitely live well!