Chapter 4 Growth

In the blink of an eye, I was three years old. In the past three years, I have hardly seen the outside world. The most is to look out from the cracks in the wooden house.

It’s dawn outside.

Most of the people of the same age who are still alive around them even speak uncomfortable words, and they are muddled every day.

Of course there is no education here, nothing, just keep them alive like raising livestock.

The door was suddenly pushed open, and the huge wolf demon walked in from outside.

“Come out! Chase them all out.” The wolf demon said angrily to the pig demon who was usually very arrogant and kicked the children at every turn.

The pig demon screamed immediately, and when she heard her scream, the children would tremble all over. When they walked out of the room, almost all the children were curled up. For them, the outside world is even more terrifying.

There are a few big carts outside, and the ones pulling the carts are surprisingly adults. There are big cages in the car. And those human slaves pulling carts had empty eyes, and turned a blind eye to the appearance of these children, as if they had long been accustomed to all this.

Was caught in the car, the cage was closed. Driven by the wolf demon, the rickshaw was pulled forward.

Obviously, they have to change another place to live.

The road is flat, paved with stones, and wheels run over it, making a creaking sound.

This was the first time Tang San saw the outside after three years in this world.

The sky is clear and the air is slightly cool. The weather today seems to be good, at least not so cold. Although most of the children were still shaking with the cold, Tang San was okay.

There are amazing woods on both sides of the road. The reason why it is described as amazing is because the vegetation in the field of vision is too tall. Compared with the plants in the memory of previous lives, the plants here have similar places, but they are much larger. Some sturdy trees are nearly 100 meters high. You need to raise your head parallel to the sky to see clearly.

Occasionally there will be a giant flying by in the sky, it seems to be a bird, but it is not completely clear.

The air contained rich spiritual energy and vitality. After three years, Tang San had been completely certain that this was a world very suitable for cultivation, and a world with extremely high levels of life.

Undoubtedly, those powerful monsters and spirits were born under such an environment.

In three years, Tang San had successfully cultivated the first level of Xuan Tian Gong.

In his original world of Douluo Continent, if he wanted to break through the first level of the Profound Sky Technique, he needed some special methods. But he didn’t use it here. When he penetrated the meridians, his body’s Xuantian function was well-measured, and it naturally broke through the bottleneck of the first layer. Three years old, he is only three years old now.

In the last world, he made a breakthrough at the age of six. Although the perception is different, it still has a very big relationship with the aura of this world.

But he was still very thin and weak, and he never wanted to be found out by those monsters. He could feel that even the most common wolf demon was at least equivalent to the level that he had to cultivate to the double profound heavenly skill. Coupled with the disparity in physique itself, any resistance is an act of seeking death.

In this world, human beings are ignorant. If you really want to change the status quo of human slaves and solve this ignorance, I am afraid that is the most important place.

It took more than an hour to walk, at least one hour of Tang San’s cognition. They were taken to a place similar to a village.

The simplest wooden houses are full of ragged humans. Mainly male, females rarely see it. This village seems to be inhabited by thousands of people.

The rickshaw stopped and the door opened. Some human women have already walked over, and in front of the wolf demon, they all bend their waists deeply, arched their backs, in fear.

The headed wolf demon snorted coldly, “Leave these little cubs to you, take them away.”

Tang San was stunned for a moment. Did this allow them to return to the human world to live?

The children who have been raised in captivity for three years have no wisdom at all. They only have fear in the face of a strange world.

They were dragged into the village. What made Tang San feel a little cold is that the human slaves here didn’t have much compassion for these children. One by one, their eyes were dull, but some mechanization brought these children into the village.

In the days that followed, they learned. Yes, these children are beginning to gain the right to educate. What is education? The first is to let them know things, know the things used by slaves, and learn simple words.

The food is worse than when he was raised in captivity. The food here is obviously very scarce. Women and children are not given much food. Only men with stronger bodies have the chance to eat more.

In the village, there were no restrictions on the actions of these children anymore, so Tang San discovered that the male humans here often leave for a period of time, and should be engaged in slavery work. Dead people in the village are a common occurrence. Through the exchanges between these villagers, he also knew that he was a child from another village. The human villages here do not allow themselves to support the children born in their own villages, but exchange adoptions.

Tang San didn’t do anything rashly, let alone make a surprising move. He just lived here silently, cultivating quietly.

In another three years, he was six years old.

The six-year-old is about to help the village, weaving straw mats and moving some lighter things.

These children have always been gathered together to live, and they are still the same when they are six years old. One-third of children have died in the past three years. There are various causes of death, and lack of medical treatment is the biggest problem. Besides, being hungry.

Night fell. In the humble human village, a figure sneaked out silently.

Like most human children, Tang San chuckled his back slightly, but his movements were quick. The moment he walked into the woods, his back straightened sharply. The eyes that had been dim also instantly brightened.

Take a deep breath.

The night in Fenglang Town is very cold, and the temperature difference between day and night is great. But the cold air contained rich spiritual energy. It lifted his spirits.

Tang San made an embracing movement with both hands in front of him, a faint white light circulated on the surface of his body, and his toes lightly touched the ground, and his figure became light and agile.

With previous life experience, he is naturally familiar with the operation of Xuantian Gong, but this body needs to be exercised and needs to be practiced to keep up with his thinking.

From the age of five, he would often sneak out at night. One is that the aura in the wild is stronger, and at the same time, he can practice better in the wild.

The light pace is the ghost and shadowy step, one of his best abilities in his previous life. This is also his priority. In this dangerous world, there is nothing more important than saving your life.

On the hands, the color of jade gradually appeared. This is another unique school, the mysterious jade hand. It can make the palm of your hand invulnerable and invulnerable.

After an hour of cultivation, there was a slight steam in his body, and the mysterious power flowed smoothly in his body.

However, what made him a little helpless was that the martial soul that had been awakened on the Douluo Continent in his previous life did not seem to have appeared in this world. But this is also normal. He was born again, bringing only memory, but not the ability he once had.

The third stage of Xuantian Gong was finally completed. Only six years old, he has already practiced the third level of Xuan Tian Gong. I couldn’t even think of this in my previous life.

However, now, in terms of strength, he is far from the level of his previous life to cultivate into the third level of profound heavenly skill, because in the world of Douluo Continent, he has the awakening of the martial soul, and the martial soul has given him great power. And he is also a blessed twin martial soul. Xuantian Gong is the support of inner power, and Wuhun is the powerful way to burst out power. He still clearly remembered that when he broke through the third stage in Douluo Continent, he had merged with a powerful spirit ring and possessed a powerful spirit bone. Laid the foundation for the future.

But now, apart from the profound heaven art and the abilities recorded in the profound heaven treasure record that he brought from the original world, no other abilities existed. Even though just cultivating Xuan Tian Gong will make him constantly stronger. However, this does not seem to be enough.