Chapter 5 Ability to Transform

Thinking back. Tang San stretched his body.

At this time, it was still very early before dawn, and the people in the village would go to bed early and heavy at night after a tired day.

Tang San decided to look deeper in the forest. The aura in the forest was obviously stronger than that in the village. Then, would there be any treasures in the forest?

After discovering that this world couldn’t awaken the martial spirit by himself, he could only practice Xuan Tian Gong. Tang San’s plan was also very simple, first cultivate the Profound Sky Technique to a higher level as much as possible, and accumulate strength. Then look at how to use your power. Just relying on the unique knowledge in the Tang Sect Xuantianbao record, as long as the level is deep enough, self-protection is still no problem.

Through his own cultivation, in fact, he has gradually understood why human beings are so weak in this world that they can only become slaves.

This world, called the French Blue Star, has only the largest continent, the Fairy Continent where he is located. Both the monsters and the spirits have powerful talents. In this place full of aura, they only need to continuously absorb the aura of heaven and earth to enhance their talents after birth, and they will become very powerful. No other race can compare with them.

And human beings don’t have any talents that can be used in combat, nor any cultivation techniques. If it is not for ingenuity, it can be said to be useless. Naturally, only to become a slave. Enslaved by the powerful demons and spirits.

Because of the huge vegetation in the forest, the light is very dim. In this world, there are also existences similar to the moon, but it exudes a faint blue brilliance, which is very strange.

In Tang San’s eyes, a faint purple meaning flickered. This was another unique purple magic pupil in the Xuantian Baolu. Need to watch the morning sun practice every day.

Two years earlier, he had to lie in the cracks of the door and barely practice. In the last two years, there have been more opportunities for cultivation.

With the help of the purple magic pupil, he can see the situation in the forest more clearly. The deeper the deeper, the more strange feeling in my heart.

In the world he once lived, there was a creature called a soul beast, where the soul beast was constantly oppressed by humans, resisted, and finally coexisted peacefully with mankind.

But above this fairy land, monsters and spirits rule everything, and humans can only struggle for survival, but it seems all the other way around.

He was walking forward. Suddenly, he heard some movement, and subconsciously jumped to the side of a big tree, reducing his breath.

“Puff!” Not far in front of him, a figure fell down, fell to the ground, and rolled twice.

His breathing was very rapid, but it was very disordered. He was breathing with big mouths and mouths, struggling to get up, but it seemed that he didn’t have enough strength. After struggling for a while, he fell down again.

Tang San didn’t move, he just condensed the purple magic pupil and looked carefully. I was surprised to find that the man who fell to the ground was actually a human. He wears a mask on his face, and he can’t see his appearance, but his figure is obviously human.

Judging from the way he jumped over before, it was obviously not an ordinary person.

Capable humans? Tang San’s eyes lit up. He still didn’t know enough about this world. After all, he was only confined to a small place like Wind Wolf Town. It was obviously a pleasant surprise for him to suddenly see such a capable human being. However, this person had a strong smell of blood, and he was obviously injured.

But at this time, heavy footsteps came.

It was a sound of footsteps similar to “Boom, Boom, Boom”. The speed is fast.

Tang San, who was just about to go out, hurriedly hid his figure again.

“Wow! Over here!” A roar sounded, and a sturdy figure jumped out of thin air.

Because it was night, his eyes were presented as faint green, and he was a wolf demon.

He rushed on the ground with all four limbs, extremely fast, the figure when he stood up, is more than two meters tall, and his strong muscles are full of explosive power.

Tier 3 wolf demon!

In the past few years, Tang San also had some understanding of the stratum system of the Fairy Continent. Here, regardless of race, status and strength are evaluated by class.

The lowest is the first order. Ordinary humans don’t even have ranks at all, and that is the slave class.

Like the wolf demon, it is first-order at birth, at least second-order after adulthood, and the strong wolf demon is third-order. This is just the wolf demon of the most common blood. It is said that the blood of higher levels will be stronger. As for the top rank of the Fairy Continent, Tang San didn’t know now.

Wind Wolf Town is just a remote town. It is said that the lord of the wolf demon in Wind Wolf Town should be Tier 5.

Comparing Tang San’s own cultivation of Xuan Tian Kung, he probably made an assessment, the same level of Xuan Tian Kung, the energy intensity should be similar to the energy of the monster clan of the same level.

In other words, he who has now cultivated to the third level of Xuan Tian Gong is almost the same as this third-order wolf demon in terms of energy level.

The third-order wolf demon that fell out of thin air directly pounced on that human being.

The human being lying on the ground panting obviously also felt the danger. His body suddenly turned sideways, avoiding the attack of the wolf demon. At the same time, he made a strange move. His body seemed to be stretched a few minutes in an instant, his hands and claws popped out, and a light yellow halo appeared on the surface of his body.

Because the body glows, it becomes especially obvious in this night. Tang San clearly saw that a layer of brown-yellow hair had grown from under his skin, with dark-brown patterns on it.

And when this change appeared, his speed also suddenly increased. A pair of sharp claws went straight to the chest and abdomen of the third-order wolf monster to grab it.

The wolf demon’s front paws suddenly changed direction and collided with the transformed human claws. It makes a crisp sound of “ding-ding”.

The human power was obviously inferior to the opponent, his body was suddenly bounced away, and there was a noticeable pause, blood dripping from his lower abdomen.

At this moment, cyan rays suddenly flew from a distance, and went straight to the human being to fall.

Wind Blade!

The third-order wolf demon roared, and a wind blade spurted out of his mouth, slashing towards the human.

At this juncture of life and death, this transformed human seemed to have burst out of his full potential, and suddenly jumped up again, extremely fast, and unexpectedly passed between those wind blades when there was no room for hair. . The light yellow light on his body became obviously brighter, the speed of his body increased sharply, and it appeared in front of the Tier 3 wolf demon in front of him almost like lightning.

The sharp claws waved suddenly, and the wolf demon hurriedly used the wolf claws to resist, but the movement was still a bit slow.

No matter what kind of creature it is, in a crisis of life and death, it can often erupt with a powerful force, as this transformed human being is like this.

His claws rushed in front of the wolf demon and slashed through his throat, and in the next instant, he was also slapped on the shoulder by the wolf demon’s claws, and flew out.

“Hiss, hiss!” The third-order wolf demon kept making weird noises. He ignored the pursuit and covered his throat with his sharp claws. However, the most important blood vessel in his throat had been cut, and a lot of blood The gushing out made his faint green eyes roll up, obviously suffering a fatal blow.

His figure flashed, and another strong wolf demon flew towards him, apparently the companion who released the wind blade from a distance.

He roared angrily, “Asshole, Leopard Flash!” The

previous Tier 3 wolf demon had fallen to the ground at this time, and no matter how he tried to plug the gap in his throat, it was of no avail. That was equivalent to the final blow to transform into a human, which had completely cut his throat open.

“Go to hell!”

Later, there was also a Tier 3 wolf demon, he suddenly threw out and threw on the human! A pair of sharp claws exudes a faint light, and there are faint fluctuations of wind elements. This is to attach the wind blade to the wolf claws to explode stronger attack power.

At this moment, in the darkness, an inconspicuous figure quietly swept out from the side. At this time, the attention of the Tier 3 wolf demon was all on the transformed human being. Did not notice his arrival at all.