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Wanli found the title

After the failure to seize the protagonist, Zhong Wan, who took the young master to the frontier, in order to survive, relied on the friendship between himself and Yu Ziyou when he was young, and through some of his personal items, various explicit hints made others feel that Yu Zi You have a leg with himself. Yu Jiaquan was in front of the opposition, with this relationship, Zhong Wan’s life was much better, and the stories he made up became more and more like that. Yu Ziyou, who was far away in Kyoto, finally heard of his epic romantic debt. Yu Ziyou, who had been brainwashed for seven years, believed it in a daze. He and Zhong Wan seemed to be true.

Wanli found the title
Alternative Name: 当年万里觅封侯
Genre: romance, manhua
Author: Jinjiang City of Literature, so long, Bucuniao Studio, Mo Yiyi
Release: 2020
Status: ongoing
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