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Chapter 1401 Something More Frightening Than Bringing A Little Devil

Chapter 1401 Things are more terrifying than bringing a little devil,

Lin Yan said with a serious expression: “Go back, you must follow what I said, download a driving test to make it easy. Let me learn the subjects first, and I will take you to learn them when I am free. Second and subject three.”

Xiao Yao frowned, and his expression seemed a little dissatisfied: “When will I be on the track?”

Seeing that Xiao Yao was still unwilling to die, Lin Yan was so furious: “I want to run before I learn how to walk. Let’s talk about it after getting the driver’s license!!!”

He thought she wanted to teach him subject one, subject two, and subject three!

“Oh right…” Lin Yan coughed lightly and looked at Xiao Yao, “It’s fine if you crashed my car last night, but you still have to be responsible for this matter today. How can I help you with this kid? Take care of you, right.”

Xiao Yao: “So…?”

Lin Yan gave him a reluctant expression, glanced at him and said: “We are also old friends, I won’t cheat you, not to mention we have cooperated once before. For this second cooperation, I’ll give you the second half price!”

Xiao Yao: “……???”

The little guy on the side frowned when he heard this, and pulled Lin Yan’s sleeves, “Mom, What is the second half price? Mom, I don’t want half price!”

“Oh oh, then it’s not half price, not half price!” Lin Yan looked at Xiao Yao and said, “No way, the children are not happy, then you still have the full price. Okay. Remember to hit me with the money.”

Xiao Yao: “…” At the

first glance, Xiao Yao recognized who this child was and knew the purpose of the other party, but he didn’t want to make more of it. An enemy chooses to remain silent in the end.

As a result, even if Pingbai was touched by the porcelain one time, he actually posted another penny.

Therefore, it is obvious that both of them are her sons, why are they both required to pay for the support? !

Lin Yan took a small job, a little bit difficult.

Now I can only take him home temporarily, otherwise the child would have been frightened. If he were left alone at the police station, the situation would not be worse.

Because the incident happened suddenly, Lin Yan hadn’t had time to tell Pei Yucheng about it.

During this period, if Pei Yucheng is not at home, most of them will go to the company with a small gift.

The little guy is well-behaved and obedient, and Lin Yan is particularly worry-free.

When Lin Yan took Xiaogan to Yunjian Water Village, there was no one at home, and Pei Yucheng probably hadn’t got off work yet.

“Xiao Gan, I’m home, will you live here with me during this time?”

“Mom is here, where I am.”

“Goodbye, I’ll get you some fruit, sit here and wait for me. . ” “

Yes, mom. “


Lin after smoke to the kitchen, the little guy face suddenly turned into a sweet smile and look alert.

He looked around the surroundings calmly, his eyes slowly falling on the cartoon pillow on the sofa, and on the children’s kettle on the coffee table, and… when he entered the door just now, he saw a few pairs of pink and blue at the door. Children’s slippers.

The little guy’s face became ugly little by little, and his fingers were clenched into fists.

Not knowing what he felt, the little guy’s gaze suddenly looked towards the door like an ice blade.

After a few seconds, there was a sound of footsteps at the door.

Cheng Mo held a bunch of documents in his hand and opened them first, followed by Xing Shen.

With a lollipop in his mouth, Xing Chen stretched his waist and talked to Cheng Mo exhaustedly, “Old Cheng, I can’t make it anymore. I’m trembling every day, walking a tightrope every minute and every second. It’s the same line.”

Cheng Mo sighed, why not? With such a heavy lethal weapon that could explode at any time, he didn’t dare to relax even a minute or a second.

The last time he was in the company, the little demon’s turmoil still left him lingering.

Xing Chen took out the lollipop stick he had eaten from his mouth, “I’d rather be transferred to Europe. It’s really miserable now, is there any more miserable and terrifying job than carrying a little demon?”

Xing Chen’s voice fell. At that moment, I suddenly realized something was wrong.

He brushed his head up and looked in the direction of the living room.

In the next second, he saw that a beautiful and cute glutinous rice dumpling was sitting on the sofa in the living room with its short legs, tilted his head, and looked at him with a smile—

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