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Chapter 1402 Father and Son Brothers

Xing Chen’s lollipop stick in his mouth was directly snapped into two with a bang, then his face turned pale a little bit, and finally turned black.

The expression was like a prehistoric monster sitting on the sofa, not a pretty and cute baby.

Cheng Mo also found that Xing Chen’s expression was wrong, “What’s wrong?” Xing Chen

took a step back subconsciously, “He…he, he…”

Cheng Mo followed Xing Chen’s gaze and saw the person on the sofa clearly. After that, his pupils shrank instantly, and he could hardly believe his eyes.

Damn it!

Cheng Mo was shocked: “Why did he appear here?”

Xing Chen swallowed and spit, “You ask me, who am I asking! It’s a hell!”

No one thought that he was far away in the old house, under heavy imprisonment. Why did Pei Gan suddenly appear in China? He even came to the door directly.

Just when the two were panicked, the sound of opening the door came from the hallway.

Immediately after, Pei Li walked in.

It’s over, the big one is back!

Pei Li was more sensitive than Xing Chen and Cheng Mo. He felt the difference as soon as he stepped into the door. He looked straight through the trembling Xing Chen and Cheng Mo and looked towards the person on the sofa.

Two equally cute and beautiful little milk dumplings, one indifferent and the other arrogant, their eyes collided in the air at the same time.

In an instant, the air in the entire living room seemed to be evacuated and distorted by a vacuum pump. The huge pressure made people’s internal organs seem to be shattered.

But there seems to be some tacit agreement between the two. The scope of coercion is only in the living room, with the kitchen as the dividing line.

“Rely…” Xing Chen was the closest to Pei Li, and without reacting at all, his body was hit by the huge energy directly against the wall behind him.

Cheng Mo didn’t get any better, and was forced to bend his knees, cold sweat on his forehead.

“Brother Yu, help!” Xing Chen lay on the ground, unable to move, only the mechanical arm could lift it slightly.

Fortunately, Pei Yucheng was behind, and Pei Li walked in shortly after coming in.

However, before Xing Chen was happy, after Pei Yucheng came in, he seemed to stimulate the person on the sofa, and the terrifying energy pressure around him suddenly doubled.

The confrontation between the two brothers turned into a father and son.

Xing Chen: “…”

One is already a nuclear weapon, and another… This is simply a collapse of the sky.

He is afraid that he is going to die here today.

“What’s the matter?” Pei Yucheng’s face was dark, and he looked at Cheng Mo.

Cheng Mo clutched his chest, “It’s my fault. It’s just…I haven’t received any news. As of this morning, the news from the old house said that the second young master is still staying in the old house.”

Since Pei Li suddenly When he appeared in Hua Guo, Pei Gan had been keeping a close eye on him, and his manpower had increased several times, and there were people reporting his itinerary every day.

I don’t know, this person appeared in their Hua Country directly, and entered the Yunjian Water Villa in a grand manner.

Obviously he didn’t even touch the alarm, how did he do it?

“Go back.” Pei Yucheng’s eyes had no emotion, and he looked at Pei Gan on the sofa coldly.

There was a trace of disdain in Pei Gan’s eyes, “Do you really think you can shut me down?”

“The fruit is cut–“

At this moment , a pleasant voice suddenly came from the kitchen.

The air that was tight to the extreme was like a big opening, and the pressure disappeared instantly, as if nothing had happened just now.

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