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Chapter 1404 I am honored, both of us were born

Lin Yan nodded, “Oh, why do you call Brother Xiaoli.”

Pei Gan smiled sweeter and cuter: “Hello Brother Xiaoli, Xiao Brother Li is so beautiful, his eyes are like stars in the sky, and his mouth is like the petals of a rose~”

Pei Li: “…”

Lin Yan went on to introduce: “This is Xing Chen, you call Brother Xing Chen.”

Pei Gan continued to put his sign and smiled: “Hello Brother Xing Chen, my brother is so handsome, there must be many girls who like you.”

Xing Chen: “…”

Lin Yan looked at the last remaining Cheng Mo: “This is Cheng Mo, you can call Uncle Cheng.”

Pei Gan: “Hello Uncle Cheng, Uncle Cheng, why are you sweating? Is it too hot? Drink some water!”

Cheng Mo: “…”


Ha ha…

This is really scary.

Lin Yan laughed softly. The child’s parents didn’t know how to teach it, how could the mouth be so sweet!

Lin Yan was smiling, and later realized that something was wrong, “Huh? Wait, Pei Yucheng, how do you know Xiaoli is bigger?”

Pei Yucheng: “…Guessed.”

Lin Yan suspiciously: “Guess? “The

two children seem to be about the same age, how can they tell?”

Lin Yan looked at the two children carefully again, and found that not only were the two children of the same age, they were all exactly the same beautiful, and if they looked carefully, there was a bit of expression between the eyebrows and the eyes.

However, the character is quite different.

Xiao Li is well-behaved and introverted and cherishes her words like gold. Basically, she will only say a few more words in front of her, but she is lively and sweet and sticky.

“Before I thought, there must be no second couple in this world who can give birth to a more beautiful and lovable child than Xiao Li. Unexpectedly, I saw another…” Lin Yan sighed quietly.

Pei Yucheng: “…”

It’s an honor to be born to us.

Lin Yan keenly noticed that Xiao Li’s mood was a bit low, like a small tree sapling that hadn’t received light for a long time.

So Lin Yan squatted down as usual, opened his arms and hugged him, “Come here, baby, what’s the matter today, aren’t you happy?” The

little guy’s dim eyes suddenly fell into the sun, and he stretched out his hand to hug Lin Yan. No, elder sister, Xiao Li is very happy.”

Lin Yan kissed the little guy on the cheek: “Just happy baby!”

Suddenly, there was a “boom”

-the vase on the coffee table suddenly fell into it. The ground was broken.

Lin Yan was startled, “What’s going on?”

Pei Yucheng glanced at his gloomy little son: “It’s okay, the wind blows.”

Xing Chen laughed dryly: “I’ll clean, I’ll clean!”

Pei Gan His face was only gloomy for a moment, and it quickly returned to normal. The little guy walked up to Lin Yan, pulled the sleeves of her clothes, and called out sweetly, “Mom!”

Lin Yan: “Huh?”

“Mom” , Is Brother Xiaoli your child too?” Pei Gan asked with blinking eyes.

Lin Yan subconsciously replied: “Ah? Xiaoli isn’t…”

Lin Yan didn’t have time to say the following, “Clang”, “Clang Dang”, “Cang Dang” bursts of crackling sound one after another.

All the murals hanging on the wall fell all over.

Lin Yan was really taken aback now, “What’s the situation??”

Pei Yucheng squeezed his eyebrows: “It’s okay, it’s in disrepair for a long time, let

Cheng Mo arrange someone to deal with it later.” Cheng Mo coughed lightly, “Yes, I will arrange it right away.”

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