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Walking With You in This World – 陪你漫步这个世界

Walking With You in This World –
Other name: Walk the World with you, 陪你漫步这个世界
Genre(s): Drama, Family
Episode(s): 50
Country: China
Release Date: Jan 15, 2021 – Feb 7, 2021
Broadcast: JSTV
Cast: Yin Xiao Tian, Jenny Xiao


Sommelier Xu Zhi divorced because of her husband’s derailment. Well-known TV personality Radar helped Xu Zhi’s father and Xu Beiyang, a researcher at the Bird Research Institute, punishing his ex-son-in-law. However, he fell in love with Xu Zhi and was married to his daughter. Xu Beiyang’s brutal encirclement and suppression, who became extra cautious. Xu Beiyang’s second daughter, Xu Wei, and her boyfriend Wang Chuang, whom her father regarded as frivolous and immature, obtained a license to get married. Xu Beiyang became furious and personally supervised the two robots.

The French niece promised to return to China to find her boyfriend. She first found an old man who was one year older than Xu Beiyang, and then talked about marriage with Luo Shixiong, a rich second-generation dude. Pressing the gourd and lifting the scoop, made Xu Beiyang, who had lost his wife for many years and was not good at handling housework, miserable.

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