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Chapter 1405 I haven’t been so speechless in my life

Chapter 1405 I haven’t been so speechless in this life

Lin Yan glanced at Pei Yucheng dubiously, and then subconsciously looked at the little gift in his arms.

What’s going on, is it her illusion?

How did she feel an extremely powerful and dangerous energy from Xiaoli’s body just now… In the

first round, the big and small demon was a tie.

Xing Chen and Cheng Mo ran away to urgently dispatch additional personnel near the villa.

Lin Yan arranged for Pei Qian a room downstairs.

The little guy sleeps alone at night, afraid of the dark, so Lin Yan had to ask Pei Yucheng to accompany Xiaoli, and then go to accompany Xiaogan by himself.

Fortunately, Xiaoli is very sensible, so she can be nice to let her accompany her brother.

late at night.

In the dense forest one kilometer away from Yunjian Shuizhuang.

Two humans and animals are harmless, and even the soft and cute milk dumplings stand facing each other in the dense deep forest.

Cheng Mo and Xing Chen followed all the way, hiding behind a big tree, shivering.

Their task is to protect the safety of the two young masters.

That’s right, protect, for the big devil and the little devil, safety.

“I’ve never taken on such a speechless task in my life…” Xing Chen was so sad that he didn’t even have the mood to eat a lollipop.

Cheng Mo also had a headache. “If we fight later, who do we help?”

Xing Chen’s mouth twitched, “If we fight later, what you should think about is who will help us bury the ashes, not who we will help. ! “

Cheng Mo:” …… “

just two words are empty, the air around the moment has been distorted.

At the moment, Pei Li’s soft and cute face is cold and without a trace of human emotion. His little hand just seems to inadvertently wave forward. The huge tree behind Pei Gan is squeezed by strong pressure, and instantly burst directly from the middle, slamming towards it. Pei go.

Pei Gan snorted arrogantly, and the small figure flew up like lightning.

In the next second, he already appeared behind Pei Li.

The two of them had already shuttled hundreds of moves in the dense forest in an instant.

In such a short period of time, Pei Qian and Pei Li’s levels seemed to have risen to a more terrifying level. The pressure brought by pure level pressure alone was enough to make Xing Chen and Cheng Mo lose their ability to act.

There is no doubt that the two of them have only one role here, and that is cannon fodder.

“Brush–” A huge tree slammed towards Pei Gan.

Although Pei Gan’s speed was very fast, he was still a step late. He was hit by his left leg and ankle, and he staggered back several steps.

Pei Gan’s eyes flashed, and in the next second, countless sturdy trees were uprooted and flew towards Pei Li at the same time.

“Not good—” Xing Chen looked surprised.

He didn’t expect Pei Gan’s level improvement to be more terrible than he thought, and it was almost on par with Pei Li.

Xing Chen and Cheng Mo saw one of the huge trees hitting Pei Li’s chest directly.

“Oops!!!” Cheng Mo panicked , “You must quickly stop Pei Qian!” Just when the two were panicked, the next second, they watched Pei Li still after being hit by such a strong tree. Standing blankly in place, he didn’t even move.

In the next second, I saw that Pei Li’s chest, which was almost smashed just now, began to recover at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In less than ten seconds, Pei Li’s body had recovered as before, without any trace of injury.

Pei Gan’s small face sank suddenly, and he snorted, “Humph, monster!”

Pei Li smiled coldly, “So what, even if I am a monster, my mother’s favorite is me.”

This sentence is simply Pei Gan’s inverse scale.

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