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Chapter 1408 Also want to sleep together

Chapter 1408 also wants to sleep together

“Mom, dry feet hurts, mother hug!” Pei Qian seemed to find that acting like a baby is particularly useful for Lin Yan, so he directly turned on the acting mode.

Xing Chen took a step back subconsciously and moved himself away from Pei Li.

Don’t be dead, little demon, I must force your brother to beat you up!

You really can’t fight it!

Although Pei Li didn’t say a word, Lin Yan could sense the little guy’s emotions inexplicably.

“Xiao Li, can you? Does your foot hurt?” Lin Yan asked.

Pei Li shook his head, “Sister, I’m fine, you can hold your brother.”

Pei Gan secretly snorted, hum, hypocrisy!

Lin Yan was a little embarrassed. She obviously felt that Xiao Li was a little emotional because of the work, so she paid special attention to the little guy’s mood.

At this moment, if she only does it, Xiaoli will definitely not say anything so sensible, but she will definitely feel lost in her heart.

Lin Yan scratched his head, thinking hard, Yu Guang suddenly glanced at Pei Yucheng aside.

Lin Yan’s eyes lit up suddenly, “The two children must be tired after running for so long, Pei Yucheng, hold it, it’s too dark, I’m afraid I can’t hold it

securely .” “Yeah.” Pei Yucheng nodded kindly. Kneel down directly, pick Pei Qian with his left hand and Pei Li with his right hand.

There was no time for the two little guys to refuse at all.

Pei Gan and Pei Li didn’t expect this kind of result in the end. The two of them were picked up like this by their fathers without any preparation, and they stared at them for a while, and they just froze there.

Lin Yan looked at the two little guys picked up by Pei Yucheng and expressed his satisfaction.

In this way, a bowl of water is leveled.

She is so witty!

Lin Yan: “That’s it, let Uncle Pei take you away!”

Pei Gan: “…”

Pei Li: “…” The

leg doesn’t hurt at all, and I even want to come down and run eight kilometers.

Pei Qian and Pei Li seem to be unaccustomed to being so close to Pei Yucheng, and the expressions of the two small milk dumplings are more awkward than the other.

The tough one is better than mother!

The night breeze was slightly cool, and Pei Yucheng was afraid that the two children would catch a cold, so he took off his coat and wrapped the two children.

Only the small heads of the two small milk dumplings were exposed, and one occupied the shoulder of the father.

Pei Yucheng hugged very steadily, and his steps were not sloppy.

Although the two little guys were awkward, they didn’t struggle either. It seemed…not as unacceptable as they thought…

Lin Yan followed, watching Pei Yucheng holding the two children, not knowing why he felt so warm in his heart. , Couldn’t help but said, “Pei Yucheng…”

Pei Yucheng: “Huh?”

Lin Yan: “If you become a father in the future, you must be a good father!”

Pei Yucheng looked stunned: “Really.”

Unfortunately, he is not. .


Not far from Yunjian Water Village, a family of four quickly returned home.

Lin Yan let the two little guys take a bath and changed their clothes. When they arranged the room to sleep, Lin Yan had trouble again.

Pei Gan must stick to her.

What she didn’t expect was that Pei Li actually spoke for the first time and made a request.

Pei Li seemed to hesitate for a long time, and finally said firmly: “Sister, I also want to sleep with you.” For a

long time, Pei Li gave Lin Yan the impression that he was sensible and distressing, and would never take the initiative to propose anything to her. Claim.

This is the first time.

Lin Yan felt very relieved. The child was finally willing to express himself.

Therefore, under this situation, how could Lin Yan bear to refuse.

Lin Yan looked towards Pei Yucheng for help, and asked him with his eyes: What should I do?

Pei Yucheng looked at the girl in front of him, and then said unhurriedly: “I want to sleep with you, too.”

Lin Yan: “……???”

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