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Chapter 01 (Antiquity)

Sixty thousand years ago, the tribulation of chaos came, and the true god died in the ancient world, and disappeared in order to save the three realms.

At that time, someone asked, if the people of the world are in the face of natural disasters, they can ask the gods all over the sky for protection, but if the gods are driven to despair, what else can they do besides destruction?

Man can ask God, who can God ask?

Facing the common people in Kyushu, this question, when looking back, the vicissitudes of life are not rotating, it is tens of thousands of years.

But slowly Xiantu, in the boring and endless years of the Three Realms, there was a little episode.

Sixty-three thousand years ago, the Emperor of Heaven was married in Kunlun Mountain.

On this day, the Eight Desolations of Kyushu were full of joy, and the gods all over the sky met and celebrated, but it is a pity that such a vast and mighty wedding was met with a somewhat silent and uneasy atmosphere.

No other, because God Wuhuan had a special identity before this.

When the chaos of heaven and earth first opened, the ancient gods lived forever, and the ancestor god Qingtian shattered the void and created the ancient realm above all beings in the Three Realms. At that time, the ancestors ruled the four true gods under his command, and it took thousands of years to create the three realms of Jiuzhou in the future.

On the day when the Three Realms were formed, the ancestor god’s merits and virtues were completed and transformed into nothingness to live with the Three Realms. Since then, the four true gods under the command of the ancestor gods-ancient, Zhiyiyi, Tianqi, and Baii have become the masters of the ancient gods. Although the ancient true gods are goddesses, they are the most noble due to the ancestral gods.

The four true gods have profound powers and dominate the three realms. After thousands of years, the nine wilds and eights have begun to take shape. Unexpectedly, the two races of humans and demons appeared in the world after a thousand years, and the chaos of the chaos came, and the four true gods were all together. God died due to the catastrophe… The four true gods were to protect the Three Realms, and the gods were all destroyed, and they became nothingness with the ancestor gods. Only their weapons were left in the world. Among the many ancient gods that should be catastrophic, only three were left. Bit.

Since then, the ancient gods disappeared, and the ancient gods were sealed on the three realms and never opened. The ancient era ended, and the three realms of Kyushu entered the post-ancient period.

The three gods who escaped the catastrophe were the god of heaven above the nine heavens, the god of Wuhuan, and the god of ancient monarchs of Qingchi Palace in Qilian Mountains. The body of the god was a five-clawed golden dragon, and the god of Wuhuan was inherited from the line of phoenix. The Lord God is the ancient dragon, and the three of them are all transformed into the ancient beasts.

Such an ancient and time-honored deity has been passed down from ancient times, and it has been worshipped as a god by the beings of the Three Realms.

The gods of the ancient king and the god of Wuhuan were originally a pair of gods. They built the Qingchi Palace in the Qilian Mountains to hide in the world, and they once aroused the envy of the gods.

Thousands of years ago, the two gods gave birth to offspring. This was originally a great joy in the Three Realms, but I didn’t want the child who had not yet come out of the shell to be born with no charm. Thousands of years passed, even the power that came out of the shell was No, and getting weaker and weaker, almost dead, the child born of the most noble god in the world is so weak, it is unavoidable to make people a big surprise, it is unavoidable to touch the mold of the two gods, and the immortals dare not take it lightly. Mention this little god.

Since this little god came to the world, the ancient god has been thinking about how to improve the little god’s divine power, holding a rolling egg to search for ancient books and visit relics, it is common to not be in Qingchi Palace for several years. God Wuhuan didn’t know if it was because the child was too weak or because she didn’t believe that she could survive. He was extremely indifferent to the egg, and he didn’t even want to go out with the ancient monarch Shangshen and stay in Qingchi Palace alone.

The God of Ancient Lord Wuhuan was bored in the palace, so he asked his friend Tiandi to visit Qingchi Palace in his free time. After thousands of years have passed, the Lord of Ancient Lord holds the unbroken egg. When I returned to Qilian Mountain with anxiety, what I saw was Qingchi Palace, which had been abandoned for a long time, and the god Wuhuan had already disappeared.

At this time, the good news of the imminent wedding of the Emperor of Heaven spread throughout the Three Realms of Kyushu.

The man he married was the God Wuhuan.

If it is the other gods who do this kind of thing, they are afraid that it will be difficult even to gain a foothold in the Three Realms. After all, to win a friend’s wife, no matter how straightforward and strong, he will always be a little bit frustrated. However, the Emperor of Heaven is the ruler of the Three Realms. But they lost their arrogance and did not dare to speak.

The grievances and hatreds of several gods are not something that these little immortals can say right and wrong…

So now, a group of celestial beings are sitting on the Kunlun Yuntai, and their anxiety in their hearts reaches the peak when they appear on the top of Kunlun Mountain with colorful auspicious clouds.

The ancient monarch Shangshen is dressed in a green robe, standing in the sky, a bit more majestic than the emperor’s majesty, a gentle and elegant, handsome and elegant.

Wuhuan Shangshen’s eyes were a little erratic, and the girl Xianjun looked startled and muttered one after another.

Although they had different thoughts in their hearts, the immortals still hurriedly bowed down to the ground, welcoming the gods of the ancient monarchs.

Also welcoming the upcoming fierce battle on Kunlun Mountain…

No one knows that the ancient monarch God is actually rational and ignorant of the Heavenly Emperor and Queen of Heaven, who is waiting for the battle, after falling into the clouds, he walked directly to the position of Lingjianshangjun where he is in charge of Xianjun’s fate, took out an egg from his arms and handed it forward to test his fate. grid.

Ancient Lord God is rare to know this egg in the Three Realms, but he did not expect that on such an important day, he would directly press Kunlun Mountain to calculate the fortune-telling for this little god and measure the future good and bad.

This is tantamount to a loud slap in the face of the Queen of Heaven on the spot, but it still makes people uncomfortable.

Wu Huan Shangshen’s expression changed, and even if he was about to leave, it was because of God’s forbearance that she did not let the wedding go through after comforting her.

Under the unbelievable eyes of the immortals, Lingjian Shangjun, who was trembling with an old body, was under the coercion of the three gods. He was also extremely frightened. At any rate, he knew the origin of this egg and did not dare to refuse. I had to tremblingly take over the egg in the hands of the ancient king God.

Unexpectedly, this measurement is several hours. Although a hundred years is no more than a flash for the immortal, under that situation, this time seems quite difficult.

The wedding in Kunlun Mountain is so weird because an egg froze in the middle, and the eyes of the immortals are fixed on the round egg. They all hope that Lingjuan Shangjun can be smarter, say a few words If good words come out, maybe the ancient Lord is relieved, the scene will not be so embarrassing. After all, Kunlun is a nine-day blessed land, and no one wants the Lingshan handed down since ancient times to be destroyed in the complicated entanglement of a few Shangshen. .

After the emperor could not help coughing a few times, Ling Juan Shangjun moved his hand on the golden egg, hesitated for a moment, and tremblingly said a change in the unbelievable eyes of the immortals. The words of the Three Realms Fate.

“This little god… I’m afraid… is God’s fate.”

All the people were shocked, the immortals were dumbfounded… After being born for thousands of years, they didn’t even have the power to break the shell, and they were inferior to the average fairy boy. Could this kind of spiritual power be a god?

No matter how great the coercion of the ancient king is, this Lingjian Shangjun is too dare to talk!

Of course, no fairy king dared to say this sentence, even the emperor wisely chose to pretend to be deaf.

The immortals thought that no matter how idle the ancient monarch was, he should know that Lingjuan Shangjun was just a polite statement. The deity of God is so important, this is still true if you hear it, you really have to count… that is absolutely impossible.

Unexpectedly, the long laughter suddenly sounded when the immortals were shocked, and the ancient Lord God went to the east on the colorful auspicious clouds, actually not giving Ling Juan Shangjun a chance to speak any more.

“As evidenced by the many friends of immortals, since then, my son Houchi has been in the position of the gods, and the world is a lesson.”

From beginning to end, the ancient monarch god did not even look straight at the heavenly queen who was sitting in a high position.

All the immortals looked at each other, and such a light sentence made a little dragon, who had not yet come out of its shell, to be on top of all beings in the Three Realms, it was really absurd. But it happened on such an occasion that it was the ancient monarch God who said this sentence, and no one could say anything against it.

After such a delay, the ancient Lord God disappeared without a trace, and the little God Lord’s position of God also sat down inexplicably.

If you talk about the most incredible drama in the post-Ancient world, this is none other than this.

In the depths of the sea of ​​clouds, in the sky above Kunlun, a white-clothed man was slowly carving a piece of wood, looking at the immortals like ants, until he heard that the egg was set by the ancient king, before Shi Shiran left.

From the beginning to the end, several gods, including the Heavenly Emperor, have never discovered that such a person has ever appeared.

Naturally, in the following tens of thousands of years, this is the sentence most said in the Three Realms.

The Little Shangshen Houchi in Qingchi Palace really got out of shit luck and got a good baby.

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