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Chapter 02 (Antiquity)

Near the fairyland of Huajingchi, two fairy tales stepping on auspicious clouds looked at each other bitterly, with regrets in their eyes.

“Wuxu, what can we do? Let’s lose the gift. If you let the Lord know, you will have to blame us. If you knew that you would not covet the fairy dew of Huajing Pond, we have set off earlier, and now… hey , What can you do?” The round-faced fairy sighed and sighed constantly, looking at the impatient friends who had always been more creative.
With Ziyuan Shangjun’s temper, losing such a valuable gift is afraid that they will be punished to go to Qinglongtai and be flogged.

Huajing Pond is a well-known blessed place in the Three Realms. The fairy dew that gathers in the pond every day when the sun rises can enhance the power of immortality. In the enchantment, although many immortals coveted, no one dared to break in without permission.
Donghua Shangjun’s birthday feast, the two of them were ordered by their own fairy monarch to bring gifts first. Passing here, they found that the immortal energy in the pool was overflowing. Under curiosity, they discovered that the barrier actually opened a fist-sized gap, and couldn’t help sneaking in for a while. Xianchi stole some fairy dew, and accidentally dropped the Heli Wannian coral tree in the
pond when he hurried out. When he wanted to go in again , he found that the gap was closed, so now he can only face the Hua within the enchantment. Jingchi sighed with great excitement.

The immortal known as Wuxu flicked his long sleeves, raised his eyes and looked at Huajing Pond not far away, and shook his head: “Wuwang, Huajing Pond is in the barrier of the ancient Lord God, if we break in privately again To be found, the charge is much heavier than the loss of Shangjun’s gift. Have you never heard of the fate of the dragon?”

Wuwang shivered in his back, waved his hands repeatedly, and looked at the Huajing Pond a hundred meters away. After shaking back a few steps, he almost fell off Xiangyun.
Of course he had heard about Wuxu. Although there was some history, it did not affect the dread of the immortals… Eight thousand years ago, the Demon Realm Jiao Clan had an eternal genius. At the age of several thousand years, the demon power reached the peak of the demon king, which was close to the realm of the ancient true gods. Even the demon emperor temporarily
avoided the edge of it. Fortunately, the demon was dismissive of the throne, and the demon clan civil war was avoided. However, he is very happy to compete with others, and his temperament is violent, and most of the people he invites to fight are ended in dissipated spirits.

For a time, all the immortals in the Eight Desolations of Nine Desolates were panicked, for fear that this demon would come to the door for a decisive battle. In desperation, the retreats and the friends who visited the friends evaded one after another. After all, this is not a trivial matter of losing face. If it is not done, the cultivation base of tens of thousands of years may be so scattered.

After having no opponents in the demon race, Wu Heng left the demon world and went straight to Huajing Pond to challenge the ancient king true god. Because both of them were transformed from floods, and the ancient king true god has not appeared in front of people for tens of thousands of years, the gods can’t help but embrace Kind of looking forward to the nervous thoughts.
If the Ancient Lord God also defeated, then…In the Three Realms, only the Emperor of Heaven could be his opponent.

Wu Heng provoked outside the Huajing Pool for several days, and was unable to enter the enchantment, and even the ancient Lord God did not see a single strand of hair. It was obvious that the ancient true god didn’t bother to pay attention to him.
Under the constant anger, violent storms and rains were stirred up, and the Lower Realm was devastated for a time. The people were displaced, and there were countless deaths and injuries. This has attracted the taboos of several gods. You must know that the gods on the sky and the earth all know that there is an iron law in the Three Realms- -Never hurt the human world that is the foundation of the Three Realms.

While the king on Jin Yao was stunned by the order of the Emperor to capture Wuheng, three black lightning flashes from the barrier of Huajing Pond and landed on Wuheng, who was transformed into a dragonfly in the lower realm.

Even before the wailing sound came out, the giant flood dragon winding and circling in the sky turned into flying smoke in an instant, the true form and soul scattered, the closest existence in the Three Realms for tens of thousands of years… The way that is not tragic, even a joke, disappeared in the Three Realms.
After this incident, the Three Realms shook, especially the Lord Jin Yao. He watched Wu Heng disappear with his own eyes so that there was not even a little bit of ash left. Under the exaggeration of his words and admiration, the ancient Lord God was light and fluttering. It has become so radiant, and its historical achievements can even be written into the post-historical history of the Three Realms.

And those gods who had only grown up in ten thousand years understood why no one in the Three Realms for hundreds of thousands of years has been able to break the position of the king and reach the realm of the supreme god.
Nothing else, the gap… is too big, especially if you don’t know how big the gap between these two levels is.

Thinking of this, Wu Wang also stopped his thoughts of privately entering Huajing Pond. He suggested to Wuxu: “Why don’t we go to visit Qingchi Palace and say…just say that we passed by here and accidentally dropped the coral tree in.”
I’m in Huajing Pool.” Wuxu looked at him with an idiot look, and the two eyebrows became a ball: “Are you confused? Ancient Lord God is not there, Feng Ran Shangjun is now in charge of Qingchi Palace , She had some feasts with our Shangjun, how could we agree to our request?”
Wuwang knew that this proposal was not appropriate, and this is no way. His family Ziyuan Xianjun is noble as the Shangjun, even if it is the Nine Heavens, there are very few people. I dared to offend him, but if it were Gu Jun Shangshen and Feng Ran…you could not tell.

Wuwang turned around on the auspicious clouds. After all, he was unwilling to go back and be punished. After his eyes lit up, he suddenly stopped and raised his voice: “Wuxu, the ancient monarch is not here, but there is still one in Qingchi Palace Is it a god? Even if Feng Ran is noble, he will not dare to attack us in front of the god!”

Wuxu softened his feet, and hurriedly reached out his hand to cover Wuwang’s mouth. He looked around and saw something very strange. Jingzhao breathed a sigh of relief before turning his head to Wuwang and murmured: “Don’t mention this God, if you let Princess Jing Zhao know that you have turned to her for help, you should never think about having a good life in the heavens in the future. I’m afraid that this coral tree won’t come back, so let’s go back and report to Xianjun.” Wuxu turned around and left after speaking, actually caring about Wuwang behind him.

Wuwang is the little fairy who has only soared up for thousands of years. He usually followed Wuxu and didn’t make any serious mistakes. Now seeing Wuxu panicked like an enemy, he couldn’t help but smashed his mouth and responded in a low voice. , Followed him to fly far away, and after soaring auspicious clouds, Wu Wang quietly turned his head towards the smaller and smaller Huajing Pond, where it was still quiet and peaceful for tens of thousands of years, and the Qingchi Palace standing behind was still Mysterious and majesty, like the ancient monarch and god who has disappeared for thousands of years.

Why on earth is the God in Qingchi Palace regarded as a taboo by the Three Realms? Wuwang quietly glanced at Wuxu in front of him, settled his attention, and asked Wuxu to understand.

Qingchi Palace.

The phoenix spreading its wings on the golden robe is like flying for nine days. The pure black belt is loosely tied around the waist. The woman sitting in a high position looks at the adult-high coral tree in front of her. She is in a good mood, and the hearty laughter is heard. Far away.

“Changque, this guy in Ziyuan has suffered a lot this time. Tsk tsk, grows so tall, I wonder if this coral tree has at least ten thousand years of life.”

The woman looked mad, with long blood-red hair and no wind, she was very extravagant. People, let alone her words and actions, there is a suffocation that is difficult for ordinary people.
The next pair of scholars dressed up as a young man arched his hands towards her with a serious expression: “Shangjun, those two immortals are so courageous that they dared to steal into Huajing Pond. They simply don’t put our Qingchi Palace in your eyes. You absolutely I can’t tolerate it, I must have a theory with Immortal

Ziyuan .” Feng Ran’s smile froze, and he secretly said that he could not let this person know that he deliberately broke the barrier and caused the two greedy little fairies to enter the Huajing Pool. otherwise, he will certainly suffer nagging, bumbling immediately put right color and said:. “and the villain have much to say, the Tung Wah Group of Laoer birthday, I want him to apologize this good fairy king”
long Que paused and saw that his Shangjun was very energetic, and couldn’t help but mention it in a low voice: “Shangjun, Shangjun Donghua did not hand you an invitation.”

Shangjun Donghua is one of the oldest monarchs in the Three Realms. He has always been one of the oldest monarchs in the Three Realms. He is highly respected and admired by the immortals. He is immersed in cultivation and rarely holds banquets. This time he can’t hold back the persuasion of a group of disciples before posting a post to the immortals. This is a great thing for the peaceful Three Realms now. This time, even Uzigaki Kami-kun, who had the eyes above the top, rushed to congratulate him.
But the fairy of his family has only been the king for thousands of years, and he has made many enemies, and he is not tolerated by the Three Realms. How can people invite her to the whole lively and grand banquet?

“That’s true. If I don’t ask me to go, I will find an excuse to beat me down with the character of the villain Ziyuan.”
Feng Ran frowned and raised her chin and muttered to herself, she looked at Changque. Seeing that the young man stood straight and his eyes moved unkindly, he probably didn’t know… As long as he had a guilty conscience, he would always put on an extraordinarily serious face to confuse the audience.

Feng Ran suspended his legs in mid-air and kicked, and touched the youth’s belt: “Speak, Chang Que, you must have a way.”
Chang Que shook his head and closed his mouth.
“Hey, Shangshen has disappeared for so long, and now even a mere Ziyuan Shangjun doesn’t put us Qingchi Palace in his eyes, forever…”
Seeing the young man’s ears moved, she knew that he had hit his weakness and made it worse. He sighed and sighed again and again.

“Even though Donghua Shangjun didn’t send you the invitation, but… to Qingchi Palace.” As the name suggests, it was sent to the real master of Qingchi Palace, Gu Jun Shangshen.
Feng Ran grinned, jumped down from the large chair, slapped Chang Que heavily, and smiled: “I know you have a way, so you don’t have to give me the invitation quickly. In a few days, we will back it up. A generous gift to the birthday banquet of the old

man in Donghua.” The blatant arrogance, this is to celebrate the birthday of others, it is simply a provocation of sharpening the knife, Chang Que sighed, and then said: “Where is it so simple, Lord, you I don’t even think about it, the invitation from the God… You are going to post it, I am afraid that you will be caught by the Heavenly Emperor before you leave the mansion of the Lord Donghua to ask for sin.”

Feng Ran’s laughter stagnated, and she left in distress. After two steps, I walked around the coral tree and stopped suddenly, and slapped it fiercely on the crystal clear tree branches, seeing Changque as thrilling.

A mysterious smile hung on the corner of Fengran’s mouth, his eyes rolled, and he shook his hand triumphantly towards Changque: “I don’t dare to run around the Three Realms with the invitation from the ancient Lord God, but don’t forget… …There is not only one God in Qingchi Palace.”

Chang Que’s eyes widened suddenly, and he raised his finger to Feng Ran. After he recovered, he felt disrespectful and put it down in a hurry, but his expression was still awkward. Strange.
“Shangjun, don’t you want the young master to go to the banquet of Donghua Shangjun with the invitation of the gods?” Chang Que asked bluntly, with a bit of absurdity in his eyes.

“You are right.”
“However, Young Master has never stepped out of Qingchi Palace…”
“What’s the matter, I stay with her, I will never let her suffer.”

After Feng Ran said these words, he ran towards the back of Qingchi Palace. Chang Que, who was standing in the main hall, looked at her disappearing back and blamed herself.

I knew… I won’t keep up with Jun’s idea.
Why don’t you let the young master suffer? With the young master’s temperament… I am afraid that the birthday banquet of Lord Donghua is ruined.

Sovereign Baixuan, you should come back quickly, or else… the Qingchi Palace will soon be demolished by Feng Yanshang!

Zijin Mansion of Heaven Realm.

Ziyuan Kami-kun looked at the two kneeling on the ground, with an angry expression on his face: “What’s the matter? What about the gift?”
He was about to go to Donghua Shangjun’s Nanshan Mansion for birthday greetings, but he didn’t want to go out yet. They saw Wuxu and Wuwang running back to the house with wounds all over their bodies.
The gift is a coral tree that has grown in ten thousand years. He has always been a treasure, and he is usually not willing to let people look at it. If it weren’t for Donghua Shangjun’s birthday banquet, he would never be willing to take it out.

“Shangjun, the two of us met a demon soldier near Qilian Mountain. The coral tree was left there during the fight. Please forgive me.” Wuxu knelt on the ground in a solemn way, and a guilty conscience flashed across his eyes.
Qilian Mountain is the place where Qingchi Palace is located. When Ziyuan Shangjun heard this, his expression was stunned, and his anger was mostly lost, but he still felt distressed for the coral tree, so he tensed his face and said, “Even if I was lost near the Qilian Mountains. No wonder you, but you are not able to protect the treasure, so let’s… one person punishes a top-grade fairy sword and sends it to the treasure house tomorrow.”

Ziyuan Shangjun has a righteous and awe-inspiring appearance, but he is arrogant and arrogant in temper. People who like face.

Wuxu and Wuwang’s feet softened, and the faces hanging down to the ground inevitably showed a bit of dissatisfaction and hesitation. They have only obtained a few top-grade fairy swords after tens of thousands of years. They have always looked like the roots of life, this Ziyuan Shangjun said lightly…

“Why, you don’t want to…”
There was another coercive voice coming from the arrogant, Wuxu and Wuxu immediately fell to the ground, and said respectfully: “Don’t dare, Shangjun Houde, tomorrow I and Wuwang will send the fairy sword.” Forget it, It is better to lose a fairy sword than to be flogged on the Qinglong stage.

Ziyuan Shangjun is notoriously stingy and domineering, but he has made friends with His Highness Jing Yang, the Great Lord of the Nine Heavens, and is noble as the Shangjun. He has a solid foundation in the heavens. Besides, there are no restrictions on his door-keeper, so many immortals who have just soared up cast them under his door.

“Shangjun, then…a gift for Shangjun Donghua…” Wuwang Jian couldn’t hear Ziyuan Shangjun’s instructions for a long time, and he raised his head and spoke in a low voice.
“Just leave it alone, and follow me tomorrow. Hmph, this time at the Donghua Shangjun banquet, I would like to talk to you all in a friendly manner… Feng Ran has always been domineering, turning Qilian Mountain thousands of miles into Qingchi Palace. Nowadays, I can’t look down on the portal of the ancient monarch God, and let the Yaozu wreak havoc on the Nine Heavens. This time I will make her face sweeping.” The

kneeling two shivered abruptly, Wu Wu opened their mouths and wanted to say. Something, but was pulled by Wuxu, the two of them whispered to guilty and then retreated.

As soon as he walked to the courtyard, Wuwang looked around and saw that no one was busy pulling Wuxu’s robe and said anxiously: “Wuxu, how can this be good? If Shangjun knows that we are not hurt by the monster clan… …”
“What are you anxious! With Fengran Shangjun’s usual style, Donghua Shangjun will not invite her, as long as she does not show up, who can break through us, not to mention the Qilian Mountains stretch for thousands of miles, and there are few fairy friends. If the people in Qingchi Palace deny that there is a demon clan, the other Shangjun will definitely think that Fengran Shangjun is not supervising and arguing for himself

Wuzuo anxiously listened to the full explanation, and let out a long sigh of relief. He wiped the sweat from his head. Seeing no one everywhere, he whispered in Wuxu’s ear while walking, “Wuxu, I was so late, and many things are not clear. It would be no good if I went to Donghua Shangjun’s mansion and made a joke. Don’t you tell me about Feng Ran, I heard that she is a member of the Queen of Heaven clan, how could…become intolerable by the Three Realms?”

The two of them walked all the way to the depths of Zijin Mansion. Wuxu glanced at Wuwang who was behind him, and said in a bad mood: “You want to ask more than Feng Ran Shangjun’s details! What?
Do you want to know about that god?” “Wu Xu, you see…” Wu Wang smiled, took out a small porcelain bottle from his pocket, opened it and handed it to Wu Xu: “I installed it in Huajing Pond A few drops, half of us, how about?”
A burst of fragrance came, and the smell was refreshing, Wuxu’s eyes were shining, and Wuxu’s eyes glowed. He leaned forward and smelled it. What secrets are only unknown to the little fairy who has soared for nearly a thousand years.”

“If you talk about this god, you have to start with the catastrophe of chaos…”

Wuxu’s voice slowly became nothingness, recalling the look of the past. There is an unconcealable reverence for that era.

The history of thousands of years ago was slowly opened…

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