Chapter 1360 The level of this class is poor?

I don’t know if it’s because I heard that Langman and the others are also here, but Mi Xiu is finally late.

“It’s only the third league in the world, what is there to

replay …” The teenager is about eighteen or nine years old, with dazzling short blond hair and blue eyes.

Like a cat in the dark night, it looks lazy, but no one will ignore his danger.

Although Michau is not very young, he has been playing in all major competitions since he was seven years old, from the children’s group to the youth group, to the highest level of the global league. His experience is no less than that of those older than him. .

Originally, the global third league manager was also prepared to arrange for him to play, but this kid felt that the global third league was too simple and boring, so he was reluctant to participate.

The manager saw that Mi Xiu had finally arrived, his face was helpless, his expression was as if he was looking at his ancestors, “Even your master and K are here, you still don’t want to stop.”

“No…” Mi Xiu looked towards the first row. The four of them looked at them, and their faces were unbelievable, “Master, you really came, I thought the manager lied to me.”

“It’s noisy, sit down.” Langman looked impatiently at his own home. Xin’s apprentice stared.

Mi Xiu curled his lips angrily, “Master, don’t you think…what’s so good about this…not I said, this global third league is really the lowest level ever, and the champion was actually The Chinese got it, and they are still a girl, how bad is the level this year!”

The level of the third league in the world is bad?

Upon hearing this, Langman, K, Butcher and Sun Shuoran all looked at Mi Xiu with unpredictable expressions.

The boy still didn’t feel anything at this moment. At this moment, Lin Yan had just broken through the finish line on the projection screen in front of him. The boy was full of disapproval. You see, this champion has no technical level from start to finish.

Who can only step on the gas pedal!

Lin Yan did not use any technical means in this competition, giving people a feeling of ease of winning, but this is precisely where she is great.

This level is not something that Mi Xiu can see at all.

Only those who were really on the court with her at the time could feel the terrifying pressure.

“Before the manager had to let me go, fortunately I didn’t participate, it was a waste of time!”

Mi Xiu’s expression was thankful, and Lang Mang and the others turned black with anger.

In order to be able to compete with the master, a few of them couldn’t play hard with the manager. As a result, this kid didn’t cherish the opportunity, and it was simply too much to beat.

“Sucky boy, you can shut up! If you really don’t want to go, don’t go to the second league in the world, let me have the place.”

Sun Shuoran is the most irritating. He originally had the second league in the world. The opportunity to participate, how good was the result? The manager changed his mind again, saying that with his level, there is no need to waste a second league place in the world, and directly rushed him to the first league in the world.

A few days ago, he was showing off with Lang Mang and the others. At the moment, he was really half angry, and when he heard Mi Xiu’s words, he was even more angry.

“Huh, brother Ran, you don’t need you to play in the second league in the world. At this level, I can grab the champion of the second league in the world. Master, don’t worry, just wait for me to celebrate the feast!” Mi Xiu looked confident. To speak.