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Chapter 1361 Is It Such A Big Game?

In fact, Mi Xiu actually has this arrogant capital.

Even the most authoritative magazine in the world’s racing circle has also commented that Mischau is the most talented and potential racing driver in the entire racing circle.

His current level is definitely in the world’s first league, even the pinnacle game.

Therefore, it is not difficult for him to win the second league championship in the world.

Hearing Misiu’s words, at this time, K, who had not spoken, gently stroked the cross necklace on his chest, and casually said, “You? The champion of the second league in the world?”

“Yes, K.” Brother, is there any problem?” Mi Xiu raised an eyebrow.

K smiled lightly, “Nothing, dare you to make a bet with me.”

Mi Xiu was curious, “Bet? Brother K, what are you going to bet with me?”

K said quietly, “I bet you absolutely I can’t win the second league championship in the world…”

K paused deliberately, and then continued to speak, “If I lose, I will just strip naked and run naked on the track.”

The moment K’s voice fell, Mi Xiu stared directly. With big eyes, the eyeballs almost fell out, as if they had heard something particularly exciting.

The next second, Mi Xiu jumped up with excitement, and everyone present exclaimed.

“Oh oh oh! God! Really! Brother K, are you playing such a big one?”

” Ahahahahaha! I really want to see Brother K running naked on the field!”

“It must be very exciting, it will shock the whole car Circle it!”


When everyone was excited and uproarious, Lang Mang, Butcher, and Sun Shuoran looked at K with all their faces speechless.

Heh… the

second child is starting to cheat again.

Amidst the noisy voices, Sun Shuoran suddenly said: “It’s so funny, add me. I also bet that Mi Xiu won’t win the second league championship in the world. If I lose, I will go naked and run naked on the track.”

Butcher: “In that case, add me as well. I bet Sun Shuoran can’t win the championship and lose streaking.”

Langman: “Similarly, I also bet that he can’t get it and lose streaking.”

Mi Xiu: “… …”

Everyone present: “…???”

Langman, K, Butcher, and Sun Shuoran directly stunned all the people present by running naked for four consecutive years.

What’s the situation? This is!

In the future, will they be able to see the scene where the four WZ ace collectives run naked on the track?

Everyone is on the same team, so they have a better understanding of the level of Misho. For them, from the lineup of the second league in the world, the possibility of Misho winning the championship is indeed very high.

Today is really strange, why do the four WX car gods collectively bet that Mi Xiu will lose?

Even Mi Xiu’s master Langman bet Mi Xiu would lose.

“This…this is too exciting!” Mi Xiu was stunned, his eyes lighted in excitement, “Master, even you have to bet, and you still bet me like them? Are you my real master? You don’t believe me so much!”

Langman glanced at him, did not speak, but his expression was a little indescribable.

“Master, since you are my master, I think it’s better to think carefully before making a decision. Otherwise, the four of you will be streaking on the track together. This picture is tsk tsk…” Mi Xiu tapped his tongue again and again.

At this time, K said faintly: “Xiao Mi Xiu, if you lose.”

Mi Xiu said without thinking, “I will lose? Is this absolutely impossible? If I lose, I will be the same. , I stripped off on the spot and went naked on the track of the second league in the world!”

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