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Chapter 1362 the premise is that you win

K nodded: “Well, yes, it’s okay. That’s it.”

Langman’s mouth twitched, but he didn’t stop it, but added to the flames.

Mi Xiu is indeed too arrogant, and it is time to teach him a lesson.

Mi Xiu was scammed by the master and uncle, but still didn’t feel anything. He patted his chest and promised: “No problem! Master, there are three uncles, don’t forget your bet today, ahhahaha…”

Listen When it came to Mi Xiu, everyone was upset again.

“Hahaha! Come on Misho! We support you!”

“Yes, yes! You must let the four bosses go naked on the track together!”

“That picture must be famous for racing history!”


This group of people are all It is noisy. Mi Xiu is an internet addicted teenager who likes to surf on social networks, so he turned around and posted the bet between him and Lang Mang on the largest foreign social platform.

Michelle: Ahahaha, everyone, I’m telling you an exciting good news. After the end of the second league in the world, your wave pythons, butchers, gods, and gods will be stripped naked and run naked on the track together to celebrate. My victory!

The amount of information in Mi Xiu’s words is really too great, one is as always arrogant, claiming that he will win the world’s second league championship.

In addition, he actually said that the four gods of WZ want to run naked to celebrate his victory? ? ?

The former is nothing. Mi Xiu is used to being arrogant. Before every game, there was a lot of talk, which was a hundred times more arrogant.

But every time he basically wins, everyone gets used to it.

But the latter, this is exciting!

[Xiu Shen, you secretly drink again, right? WZ four gods and your master Langman run naked together to celebrate your victory? ]

[Xiaoxiu, did you drink fake wine? Hey, baby you have just grown up, so drink less after the wine! ]

[Hahahaha, you are floating about the god of cultivation, even the four gods dare to play, you are really not afraid of death! ]


Everyone is basically watching the jokes, but what they never expected is that not long after the news of Mi Xiu came out, God K, who has rarely appeared on social platforms in WZ, actually reposted this news of Mi Xiu——

K: [The premise is that you win. ]

Soon, Sun Shuoran also reposted: [Yes, the kid said it is true. The four of us bet with him that if he wins the second league championship in the world, the four of us will go to the track and run naked together. If he doesn’t get it, then he runs naked. ]

Then, the butcher and the master Langman actually forwarded it, confirming the news.

Suddenly, this dynamic of Mi Xiu was directly on top of the hot search.

The hot search terms are all about “WZ Mi Xiu Track Streaking” and “WZ Reaper Track Streaking”.

I can’t bear to look straight.

The team manager and the public relations department were speechless. They thought these four were joking with children, but they never expected to play real.

This, this… Is it true that they are going to go naked on the track together?

Then where will their WZ team put their face in the future, how can they meet their counterparts in the circle!

Too bad!

What excites these one, two, three, and four?

Just when the gossip on the Internet was in full swing, the news of this blast also spread to the domestic racing circle.

Early the next morning.

As soon as Lin Yan arrived in the convoy to prepare for training, he saw a large group of people gathered around, swiping their phones to read gossip.

“What is it, so lively?” Lin Yan leaned forward curiously.

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