Crown Prince’s Knowledge


The most intimate department of the court that enshrines the night of the master jeon , the jimibu .

Nor seen , nor heard , sammu malraneun feel ( Tricolored無) , as specified in I won’t respond to anything , I’ve decided . I was angry at him who took my lips without notice .

“ Dear , how … Do you do it this way .”

” If you do not know whether anyone in , give her your even take a stigma .”

Since that day as a child, who swore to give my heart on the stars in the night sky , Song Ji-mil, the court maid, was the head of the Crown Prince Lee Sun, and the passion in her heart . I was thinking of using her head as a prodigy to establish a political position . Why is it getting harder and harder to be alone with me ?

“I can’t stand it .”

“ Degrading , weird . You seem to be drunk .”

Lee Sun’s age is twenty , but now it is hard to bear .

“ I am nothing but a beast with a bast .”

Not with her . I only want you .

“ Tonight, lock the door and go to bed .”

Crown Prince’s Knowledge
Associated Names: 세자의 지밀
be empty
Genres: romance
Year: 2020.11.11
Status: N/A

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