Boredom and pleasure


The start was a light bet . I thought he was just a passing man Hyunjin gradually shakes the daily life of a bored spirit .

“ You’ve been like that from a long time ago . It’s play, and it’s lightly flirting with men .”

“ … … What are you .”

“ Is there a person you really liked ?”

“ … … .”

Besides, it wasn’t the first time we saw it ? A spirit that is tamed without knowingly to Hyunjin who goes straight .

” You did it . You meet me in good health and care .”

“I did . But I changed my mind .”

“ … … ?”

“Do you want to get tangled unhealthy and dirty ?”

Boredom and pleasure
Associated Names: 권태와 열락
Genres: romance
Year: 2020.10.02
Status: N/A

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