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Chapter 1 Calculate, I Can’t Marry You (1/4)

“Bitch! Look at your good daughter!”

In General’s Mansion, the mistress of the house, Li’s own hands with hatred, slapped the beautiful “women” who was kneeling on the ground with a slap in her face.

The corners of the beautiful “women”‘s mouth were bleeding, and her face instantly swelled.

Seeing her as dead, Li said sharply, “Come here! Give me a call!”

Two sturdy servant “women” stepped forward to capture the beautiful “women” who hadn’t struggled at all, and slammed her head to the ground. Make a shocking noise.

At the moment when the vine spines are about to fall on the beautiful “women”.


At the same time the sound sounded, the vine thorn was held by someone.

The servant “women” was also kicked away.

It was a girl with a big belly and a red dress like fire. Soon, blood dripped from the hand holding the vine thorn.

The beautiful “women” who had been indifferent all the time changed their expressions.

Protect her hand heartily, “Jing’er!”

“Mother, I’m okay. It’s just a puncture.” The gaze slowly swept around the room, and finally fell on Li, “My daughter wants to see today, who dares to move you in front of me.” “

To put it lightly, the servants flinched.

This third sister is usually kind. But this mansion is second only to General Da Rao. The servant “women” was a little jealous and did not dare to step forward.

Li’s family was stable enough, “Ling Jing, although you are a bastard, you are also the flesh and blood of the master. I have sent a letter to the frontier for the ugly thing you have done. I will not do anything to you until the master does not reply. ,” sneered, “As the mistress of this Ling Mansion, I am qualified to deal with a lowly concubine. Even the master will definitely not bother.”

He looked at the beautiful “woman” again, “Zhen Mi, you can’t blame me. I didn’t give your mother and daughter a chance. Seven months ago, you found wild species in your daughter’s stomach, and I pressed it down. For seven full months, you have enough time to get rid of this wild species! You are self-inflicted and your belly is getting bigger. You shameless, we still want it!”

Ling Jing said lightly, “Please keep your mouth clean, he is not a wild species, his father is called Shangguan Xun!”

“That is, the wild father in the belly of the third sister is called Shangguan Xun.”

A really charming girl walked in at the door. Walking to Ling Jing, “Do you believe it? My third idiot sister? Do you really think that the person who slept with you that night more than seven months ago was Brother Xun?”

A mockery flashed in her eyes, “At the inn you were “drug” and “fainted” without waking up. I, a sister who is considerate of you, naturally found a few strong men to give you enjoyment. Who can guess you like that? It’s cheap, don’t want a strong man, I don’t know which savage man’s room I’ve been in.”

He hummed, “Brother Xun is thinking about your old feelings. I am afraid that you will be sad. That night is him! He wants to marry you! Brother Xun hasn’t come to you for more than three months, right? You want to know. The reason?”

She leaned close to Ling Jing, “Because he was with me. My dear sister, let me tell you one more thing. You were in the inn at the beginning of the “medicine”, it is indeed the hands of the people of the rivers and lakes. But those rivers and lakes people , It’s my sister, I’ve come to honor you…ah…”

Before he finished speaking, he was choked.

Seeing Ling Yanran roll her eyes, everyone panicked.


“A Jing! Stop it!”

Strong wind swept across, icy cold front.

The five-foot long sword was pointed at her throat.

Ling Jing looked at the childhood sweetheart in front of her and twisted her face in a weird twisted angle a few degrees with a smile like a non-smiling face. Say his name softly.

“Shangguan Xun, are you pointing your sword at me?”

The white clothes fluttered, and a painful “color” flashed in the eyes of the jade-like man.

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