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Chapter 1 Calculate, I Can’t Marry You (2/4)

Slowly move the sword away.

“A Jing, I am sorry for you. Don’t be angry with Yanran.”

Just like hearing a big joke, Ling Jing didn’t even recognize him.

“Do you know that she caused my toe medicine that night more than seven months ago?”

Shangguan Xun nodded with difficulty, “Yanran gave it to me that night. She regretted it, crying very sad in front of me, and wanted to sue herself, but I stopped it. A Jing, Yan Ran paid it back. She felt that she was a prostitute. General Ling likes you, your sister-in-law everywhere. She was jealous for a while, so she did that kind of ignorant thing.”

“A Jing,” he looked at her seriously, “I haven’t come to you in the past three months. It’s definitely not because I don’t mind that the child in your stomach is not my own flesh and blood. It’s not that I’m merciless to you. It’s that I… …I found that I gradually fell in love with Yanran. It is because of our own friendship that I cannot marry you when I clearly like Yanran. This is not fair to you and Yanran.”

He sighed again, “Ajing, Yanran is different from you. You can take good care of yourself at any time and you won’t suffer. But she is just a weak and true girl, she has no intentions and is not smart enough. The only mistake she has done is The thing, the bold thing, was that I gave you the “medicine” at the beginning. I also watched her grow up, originally as a sister to protect her. I don’t know when I found out that I wanted to protect her for the rest of my life. A Jing, do you know what you have I can live without me. Don’t worry if Yanran doesn’t teach you, I will plead with General Ling and his wife for the child in your stomach. I beg them to let you be born. If you want to marry or not, I will take care of you. You, my sister too…”

He laughed like a spring breeze, like walking out of a Jiangnan splash ink painting.

With a poetic touch of tenderness, “Hey, put Yanran down. Let’s not make trouble, okay? You are a person of physical health. I will take you down and put the “medicine” on your hand and bandage it. Look at you, always I don’t remember I’m a girl. Fortunately, I’ve got my hands pierced this time, and if my face is broken, you’ll be crying.” Like a rare and naughty child, he was pampered and tolerant, “Come on, let’s go down and bandage your hands. I have a fetal gas. Be good, stop making trouble.”

As he stretched out his hand, those who were accustomed to “kneading” and “rubbing” Ling Jing’s head.


“Bah!” She spit on him with a smile, “Shangguan Xun, why do you make me sick like this? How blind are you? How blind are you? I make trouble? Hahahaha, I make trouble?! !”

Ho ho…

Ho ho!

It’s so good for her.

Ling Jing stared at him, as if to see through his bones and his blood, piercing his heart!

She met him at the age of six.

Up to now, a full ten years!

Those days when we grew up together.

Those throbbing days later.

Are those vows made by Hua Qianyue all bullshit?

What is his look now, sad? Pain?

She was blind and lard blindfolded!

Suddenly, a wave of pain in her stomach made Ling Jing’s face pale, and she couldn’t even grasp Ling Yanran’s strength.

Fetal gas? !

She has always had good physical fitness, and her fetus is also very stable.

Now it’s coming so aggressively, it’s almost unsteady. It didn’t make sense for her to have such a heart… Suddenly, with a bad premonition, a chill in her heart climbed up.

Do not.

She breathed desperately, trying to stabilize the constant flow of heat.

The baby is seven months old in her belly and is her child!

Baby, mother will protect you, mother will take you away, mother will take you away!

You are holding on!

Once Ling Yanran was free, it took a while before she recovered.

Ping Shangguan Xun’s arms said, “Brother Xun… Sister Xun wanted to strangle me… I was just scared. I thought I was going to die…”

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