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Chapter 1 Calculate, I Can’t Marry You (3/4)

“Don’t be afraid. A Jing won’t do that. In the future, I will also protect you.” The man soothed softly.

Throughout the house, only Zhen Mi noticed that her daughter was rolling on Lin in pain.

“Jing’er!! Jing’er, hold on, mother will carry you to the doctor!”

“Want to go, I am afraid it will not be so easy!” Li sneered.

Surrounded by several sturdy servant “women”, she saw that Ling Jing was getting more air in, but less out of air.

Zhen Mi’s eyes were red, and a madman tried to hug her and bump her out.

“Why!! Why do you bully our mother and daughter like this, and my Jing’er like this!!” She shed tears, “Li Qiong!! You hate me, you want to fight or kill me!! Jinger’s surname is Ling,” Ling Sheng’s blood is flowing on her!!”

“Then who knows. You were brought out by the master in the kiln. Who knows if you and Ling Jing are the same, and both like wild men and filthy breeds.”

“Auntie!” Shangguan Xun couldn’t listen.

To come over to see Ling Jing’s situation, she was cowardly held by Ling Yanran.

“Brother Xun, I’m afraid… don’t leave me…”

“Master Shangguan, although you are the only son of the prime minister, you are very noble. But in noble, you didn’t like Yanran just now, and you immediately turned around to help your former lover, right?”

Shangguan Xun said in a bit of pain, “Auntie, why do you want to kill like this!”

Did not wait for Li’s answer.

“Shangguan, the visitor from the prime minister’s mansion asks you to go back to the mansion immediately. It is the prime minister who suddenly committed an old illness. The situation is very bad!”

“Madam, a letter from the Frontier Master!”

The two informed mothers ran in, and the two voices sounded almost simultaneously.

Shangguan Xun did not leave, Li had already read the letter. After a long while, he sighed.

“Fine, since the master asked Ling Jing to give birth to the child. What are you doing in a daze, go and ask the doctor!”

Soon the doctor came, and it was not convenient for Shangguan Xun to be a foreigner. Some doctors were relieved, and then immediately left and rushed back.

As soon as Shangguan Xun left, the doctor just came out.

“Madam, your sister’s condition is very dangerous and there are signs of premature delivery. However, if you work hard to save, you may be able to keep your mother and child safe.”

“Sister? Doctor, you made a mistake. This is just a shameless and shameless maid. The slave in the mansion has a wicked kind. How can there be a sister in our mansion who would do such a thing? Doctor, you are malicious slander, arrangement What is the reputation of our General Mansion!”

The doctor was stunned, and he understood something, gurgling in cold sweat.

Who dares to provoke the rich and powerful.

“Yes, I’m clumsy, I’m wrong. I’m not good at medical skills, so let’s say goodbye.”

“Come here, get the doctor’s money, and send it to the doctor.” Li sighed again, “Well, even though it was a shameless thing done by a servant, there are still two lives. I have to ask the doctor for you to take a look. Can you save it? It’s a pity that the mother and son of this cheap maid should die, Amitabha.”

The doctor left, and Li walked into the house with a sneer.

Zhen Mi has been restrained by several servants “women”. Ling Jing bleeds heavily from her lower body and is “unconscious” without waking up.

“Madam, what should I do?” the servant “women” asked.

Li is very satisfied with what he sees now.

“Zhen Mi, Zhen Mi, how about you being beautiful? How about getting the master’s favor? Isn’t it in my hands?”

Zhen Mi, who was gagged, sobbed, watching Ling Jing on the bed with tears in her eyes.

“Cry? Don’t you always hold the tall, unattainable white lotus. I will let you watch today, your daughter is tortured to death in front of you! Wake up the bitch!”

When a basin of ice water went down, Ling Jing on the bed snorted softly and wrung her brows.

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