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Chapter 1 Calculate, I Can’t Marry You (4/4)

Her stomach was still suffering from waves of severe pain. She could feel something constantly pouring out of her body, as if something was going to flow away completely from her body, and she was tied to the bed.

Her weak body trembled in despair.


Li didn’t take them seriously.

“Call me. The seven-month-old child will be able to cry. However, there should be no chance to cry. Zhen Mi, in order to solve the wild species in your daughter’s belly, I have spent a lot of effort. After tossing and turning to get a colorless and tasteless fetal incense. The incense comes from the mysterious southern realm. Even full-term children can be catalyzed into blood and hydrated…Hahaha, yes. Did you finally understand. Today? I hit you, but it’s just a pretense. I lit the incense of abortion in the hall. Your daughter is cunning, suspicious, and clever. After seeing your mother-in-law being beaten, how can I detect the point in the room? A “colorless” tasteless fragrance?”

“Uuuuu…” Zhen Mi twisted her body desperately.

“Do you mean the master? Ha, Zhen Mi, would you not be as real as your shameless daughter? You don’t know what kind of man is this age? The master’s letter can be Now, let me deal with you. I just lied to Shangguan Xun, but you are not really good? Don’t believe it? I really don’t see the coffin without weeping. The letter is here, look, there is black and white paper on it! , This can’t stand it anymore.”

“Uuuuuu…” Zhen Mi was heartbroken after seeing those words clearly.

At the same time, another whip was thrown on Ling Jing’s stomach.

Ling Jing smiled sadly again with a cold heart.

She was afraid that Zhen Mi would be sad, so she didn’t call out.

Of course she also heard what Li said.


Dad… Dad! Is this the father she respected and loved for sixteen years!

This Ling Mansion, she thought it was her home, and she didn’t care about Li’s actions. Is this the consequence of carelessness!

If it is a stranger, how can she let her down and fall into this situation!


Ho ho, family!

Before losing the last trace of consciousness.

May I Ling Jing turn into an evil spirit!

“Dead?” Lee suddenly felt boring, and the child didn’t even hit him.

“Yes, ma’am.”

Li waved his hand as if he disliked the pickling, “Throw it to the “chaotic” burial post outside the city. It’s really unlucky. I have to seal up the aftermath. If anyone else knows that we have such a hoof in Lingfu, I’m afraid that Yanran’s reputation will suffer. influences.”

“Mother, she caused us so miserable, and it makes no sense to throw it away so cheaply.” Ling Yanran suddenly walked in.

“Then it’s up to you, remember to clean it up and throw it away.”

Zhen Mi had already fainted with pain.

“As for Zhen Mi, this bitch, drag it out for me.”

After the group left, only Ling Yanran remained.

“Papa~” After two clicks, the dagger broke Ling Jing’s hand muscles. “Good skill? High intellect? Dad likes you?” After patting twice, his hamstrings were broken, “Now, hahahaha!”

Ling Yanran stabbed her a few times like a madman.

The eyes finally fell on her face.

The dagger in the hand is just counting.

“Let you use this face to seduce brother Xun! I will let you seduce again and seduce again!!”

This face was so ruined by her that Ling Yanran at this moment had no idea that it would become the nightmare of her life…

You can’t survive, you can’t die!

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