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Chapter 1363 Forget about expelling the teacher’s door

Since she closed the mountain, the entertainment circle has been calm and quiet for a long time without the most popular gossip.

What happened to make everyone so excited?

“Master!” As soon as Yun Xuan saw Lin Yan, he stood up, pulled a chair for her, and passed milk tea and dessert over.

The other members of the team also greeted one after another, “Sister Yan is early!”

“Captain is early!”

“Captain, you are here!”

This circle speaks for strength. After Lin Yan won the third league championship in the world, the big guy She was already convinced, and no one dared to question her position as captain anymore, and her attitude was all respectful.

Previously, other teams looked down on the Aurora Team and felt that the Aurora Team was forced into the global league by the Chinese Racing Association. Now the Aurora Team has a global third league championship, no one dares to make irresponsible remarks.

What’s more, the achievements of Yunxuan, Mo Shuyun and Qi Feng are not to be underestimated. The overall strength of the team is enough to represent China.

“Morning everyone, what are you talking about, so excited?” Lin Yan asked.

Zhou Yue hurriedly came over to explain, “Sister Yan, did you know that the circle was lively yesterday, and a few racers bet that if they couldn’t win the second league championship in the world, they would strip off and go naked on the track hahahaha! “

Mo Shuyun also smiled and said, “He is a young player with good strength from abroad. Although he is not very old, he is indeed the favorite to win prizes. The bet with him is his master and three uncles. He bet he must To win the second league championship in the world, if you lose, you will go to the track and run naked. If you win, his master and three uncles will go to the track and run naked.”

After listening to Zhou Yue and Mo Shuyun’s explanations, Lin The corner of the cigarette holder twitched slightly, his face was speechless, “Uh, which strange team of bear kids, who is the master? I’m afraid there is something wrong with it?”

This bet is not something wrong or anything. The end result is either that he goes naked on the track, or his master and three masters go naked on the track… The

bear boy is not sensible, and his master actually followed this bet. Up?

“Hahahaha… isn’t it!” Qi Feng on the side replied with a smile, “This teenager is called Mi Xiu. His team is quite famous, and his master is even more famous, you must know.”

Lin Yan murmured Muttered: “Mi Xiu…”

This name… how does it sound familiar?

Lin Yan had a not-so-good premonition inexplicably.

As a result, in the next second, I heard Mo Shuyun continue to speak, “This Mi Xiu belongs to the WZ team, the master is nicknamed Lang Mang.”

Lin Yan: “…???”

Wait, what’s the matter?

Zhouyue Xing excitedly followed the opening: “The other three teams are WZ butcher, K, Sun Shuo however, the master chef of rice that can be even more powerful, the famous racetrack death, Yeva!”

Lin Yan: “……”

listening Lin Yan was directly silly with the words of the two of them, and his face was the same as eating Xiang.

At this moment, she finally remembered that Mi Xiu was the young apprentice of Lang Mang, and before Lang Mang’s apprentice, he had sought her permission.

She really did not expect that this bear child with a diseased brain and several masters and uncles who sounded not good at brain… actually all belonged to her own family! ! !

These little bunnies! What the hell are you doing?

Bet streaking on the track! It’s a shame they can figure it out! ! !

She is now expelling them from the teacher’s door, is there still time…?

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