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Chapter 1364 I will make you complete

“Goddess, goddess? What’s wrong with you?” Seeing that Lin Yan’s face was wrong, Mo Shuyun asked concerned.

Lin Yan’s face was black, “It’s okay… It’s okay…”

Ha ha, it’s okay, she is just going to clear a door.

After Lin Yan perfunctory Mo Shuyun and the others, he walked to the corner of no one and opened a group chat with a few masters and apprentices.

Yeva: [You guys, have brain problems? As

soon as Lin Yan appeared in the group, several young apprentices immediately appeared excited, almost all of them returned in seconds.

Langman: [Master, you are finally online! ]

Sun Shuoran: [Master! Finally, you have shown up! ]

Sun Shuoran: [Master, congratulations on winning the championship! ]

Sun Shuoran: [Master! Originally, I could see you on the track with you in the second league in the world, but I never expected that I would not play for me! ]

Sun Shuo Ran: [reason is my manager training game a few times too fast, not eligible to participate in the world’s second league, you say I turn to this reasoning to go! ]

Sun Shuoran: [It’s simply too unfair, Master, you have to call me the shots! ]

Sun Shuoran: [Master, I was so wronged. I drove fast. Is there a mistake too! ]

Sun Shuoran: [Master, why are you ignoring me! ]

Yeva: […]

Sun Shuoran’s words! There is no end to it!

And it drives too fast to qualify for the second league in the world. What is Versailles?

Butcher: [Sun Shuoran, shut up, I can’t even see the master talking! Master, what’s wrong with you? ]

K: [master’re right, they do have a few brain problem. ]

Lin Yan sent a message with a speechless expression: [K, don’t distinguish the relationship here, I mean everything you are sitting on, including you! ]

K: [Master, I am innocent. ]

Yeva: [Are you innocent? I think you are the culprit! Do you want me to make a bet with you too? I bet your masters will drive you out of the master, how about it? ]

Sun Shuoran immediately began to roar: [Master, no! It’s nothing to do with us, it’s the second child, who was the second brother who took the lead to fix Xiaomi. ]

Langman: [It’s the second child who pitted us! ]

Butcher: [Langan is right! ]

Yeva: [Can he still put a knife on your neck to force you to bet? ]

K: [master You know me, I can not do such a thing, they are voluntary. ]

Langman: [Bah, dog stuff I believe in your evil! Where are we voluntarily, we are obviously cheated! ]

Sun Shuoran said weakly: [That~Master, in fact, this bet we made is nothing, anyway, we can’t run naked anyway, Master, you can definitely win~]

Lin Yan heard this, hehehehe in his heart. This bet, anyway, it was not her apprentice or her grandson who streaked in the end. Wasn’t she the one who humiliated in the end?

Lang Mang: [Yes, Master, I actually agreed to make this bet at the time. My intention was to teach that kid Mi Xiu a lesson. He is usually too arrogant and I can’t help it. I was thinking of teaching him a lesson this time. ]

Butcher: [Langan is right! ]

Lin Yan is also speechless: [Are you embarrassed to say that others are arrogant? Oh, do you think you will win? Then believe it or not, I don’t have any pants left for the four of you to lose? Do you want to run streaking like this, I can fulfill you? ]

On hearing these words forest smoke, four waves python suddenly senseless.

by! Master, are you?

They dare to make a bet because they are certain that Mi Xiu will lose, and let them go naked on the track, then they will have no face to mix in this circle in their entire life.

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