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Chapter 1409 The most gentle person

Chapter 1409 The most gentle person,

two small milk dumplings, plus a Pei Yucheng, just looked at her eagerly.

Lin Yan glared at Pei Yucheng weakly, why did you yell at you too!

You still count on you to help coax the child, but she has to coax one more?

The two little milk dumplings who were competing for favor with each other did not expect Pei Yucheng to kick it sideways, and the small expressions on their faces were full of shock.

Pei Yucheng: “Boys at this age should learn to be independent.”

Pei Gan: “What’s wrong with boys at this age, uncle, your age should be more independent.”

Pei Yucheng: “At my age, generally only single people need to be independent. Girlfriends don’t need it.”

Pei Gan said: “…!!!”

Lin Yan’s mouth twitched slightly: “…” After

a long quarrel, in the end, four people slept together.

I slept in the master bedroom of Pei Yucheng. The bed in the master bedroom was large enough to sleep four people.

…… The next day is Saturday, Pei Yucheng has a holiday.

Lin Yan was going to train, but it wasn’t the two children who worried her this time. After all, there were Pei Yucheng, Xing Chen and Cheng Mo.

She was worried, but Pei Yucheng.

“How is your health recently?” Lin Yan asked.

Pei Yucheng replied as usual: “Well, there is no problem.”

Lin Yan did not speak, but glanced at Cheng Mo.

Cheng Mo immediately nodded knowingly, saying that Pei Yucheng had not lied, “Miss Lin, from the results of these inspections, President Pei’s physical condition is fairly stable.”

Lin Yan believed, “That’s good.”

Pei Yucheng naturally saw the small interaction between Lin Yan and Cheng Mo. Now Cheng Mo has almost completely become Lin Yan’s person, and his boss has no right to speak.

“However, you can’t take it lightly. After all, your problem is quite serious. If it recurs, it will be more difficult to recover.”

Lin Yan said, and said the same thing: “Working time cannot exceed one minute. Take a break every once in a while, and the medicine arranged by the doctor must be taken on time. If you exercise, you can’t let it go. It’s fine to take a small gift and go for a walk.” The

girl said seriously. Looks like, Pei Yucheng’s eyes behind the lenses are full of soft colors: “I know, I will.”

Lin Yan glared at him, “It’s strange that you would, don’t think I don’t know. When I was away, you threatened the process silently. Helped you to lie to me several times. I told you that Cheng Mo is my person, you must not scare him.”

Pei Yucheng glanced at the silence: “No…”

Cheng Mo: “…!”

Miss Lin, please pay attention to the wording when speaking!

However, there is a sense of security inexplicably!

Is this the sense of security that comes from the backing of the boss?

Xing Chen: “Old Cheng, envy you!”

Lin Yan didn’t know what he thought of. After playing with Pei Yucheng, he called Pei Qian and Pei Li to the side.

“Little Li, do it, can you do me a favor!” Lin Yan asked.

Pei Li: “Sister, of course, what is it?”

Pei Gan: “How can mom help? That’s what you should do. Just say what mom needs to do!”

Lin Yanqing Laughing, he immediately took out a form: “Well, you can’t read? I know Xiaoli can understand, what do you do?”

Pei Gan immediately patted his chest: “Mom, of course I can read!”

Lin Yan chuckled, “That’s fine. This paper is Uncle Pei’s schedule. But he will forget it as soon as he gets busy.

That Uncle Cheng Mo is his subordinate, who is more afraid of him and can’t control him. .

so, ah, I want to please a small ceremony and Dry, a little later, when I go out to work, you help me live Peishu Shu, so he must be in strict accordance with the schedule to rest, can not work together on a break and forget Eat. Is it okay?”

Pei Li and Pei Gan glanced at each other, and did not speak for a while.

“Mom, do you like Uncle Pei very much?” Pei Gan’s face was a bit tangled.

Lin Yan looked slightly startled when he heard the words, then slowly laughed, and touched Pei Gan’s little head, “Yes, I like Uncle Pei very much. He is the most gentle person I have ever met…”

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