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Chapter 1410 Nice job

Chapter 1410 Well done

Pei Gan subconsciously looked at Pei Li on the side: “……???”

Is the person my mother said is the same person we know?

Because Pei Li came first, he has become more or less accustomed to the amazing changes his father has now, so his expression is fairly calm.

“Sister, I know, I will help you look at Uncle.” Pei Li agreed.

Pei Gan is also not to be outdone: “Mom, don’t worry, you must complete the task!”

“It’s so good, then I ask you two!”

On the way to the training ground, Lin Yan’s mobile phone kept ringing, and there was no other way. I can get through the phone.

As soon as I switched on the phone, Sun Shuoran’s crying wolf howling came: “Master! How can your Chinese organizers be so shameless! It’s okay to not let the boss and them participate in the first league, but how can they turn back? The one who made me enter the first league actually turned back halfway!”

Lin Yan raised his brows when he heard the words, and silently said “nice job” in his heart.

“Are you still in China?” Lin Yan asked.

Sun Shuoran: “Yes, I’ve come here, so I should adjust to the soil and water in advance. Anyway, after the end of the first league, it will be the top game. I have to come to China to adapt to the venue. Master, why don’t you answer the phone? , What are you up to? Are you secretly teaching the young masters nirvana skills? Master, you are too partial! I want me too!”

Lin Yan said in an angry voice, “What do you teach nirvana, these two Tian is helping you take the driver’s license for the sixth junior…”

Sun Shuoran puzzled: ” Take the driver’s license? Didn’t the sixth junior get the S license yet?”

Lin Yan: “He took the C license, and he still blocked it automatically, thank you.”

Sun Shuoran thought he had heard it wrong: “C2 driver’s license? Isn’t that an ordinary driver’s license?”

Lin Yan: “Yes, you heard that right. It’s the ordinary driving license in China, or the one with the lowest level. No need to repeat it. Thank you!”

Sun Shuoran: “Sixth Junior Brother is afraid that he is not the richest man in the world…?”

Lin Yan: “…”

Western suburbs, Imperial Capital International Circuit.

This is the largest and most advanced racing venue in China.

Mo Shuyun had booked a time in advance and arranged for the team to come for training.

In addition to Lin Yan and Yun Xuan this time, Mo Shuyun and Qi Feng also entered the world’s first league.

Aurora Racing has a total of seven places, and four of them have qualified for the world’s first league.

As a newly established team, this kind of performance is unique in the entire Hua Guo team.

Although Zhou Yue, Zheng Xuran, and Shao Haicheng, who were transferred from other teams, failed to enter the first league, they all achieved much better results than expected. It was a very good start for their careers. .

After all, at the beginning, they all just came with the intention to accompany running, but unexpectedly they all rushed into the second league in the world, which is already a great harvest.

The rest of the team has achieved good results, and it is also a great honor for them.

Joining the Aurora Team is definitely the most correct decision they have ever made!

Zhou Yue, who had been against Lin Yan before, had completely become Lin Yan’s little brother.

“This time our team is really long-faced, seven in four! Even the two old monster teams of Leiyin and Lightspeed, only three people have qualified for the first league in the world, and the Hua Guo first team is even more complete. The army was annihilated, not even the two captains went in…”

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