Chapter 276 My sister is super awesome!

The day of the college league match was a cloudless weather.

The warm spring breeze blows away the steep spring cold, the sky is blue and the plateau, and the clouds are layered and stretched away like cotton wool.

Birds flew by from time to time, chattering non-stop.

The league was held at the e-sports stadium in the Beijing New District. The stadium is newly opened, and modern technology elements can be seen in the buildings outside. All the equipment inside is very new and the hardware facilities are quite good.

“I didn’t expect our little game to be held in such a place.” Li Yufeng pushed his glasses, then rubbed his hands very excitedly, “I heard that there is a live broadcast. I wonder if I will get a group of fans? “

“Forget it, I think Yi Ziming is fine.” Yan Jingyuan attacked Li Yufeng mercilessly. “A lot of young girls now look at their faces, Lao Li, are you confident in your face?”

Li Yufeng choked silently.

He felt that he was hurt, but he couldn’t refute it.

He looked at Yi Ziming, who was sleepy-eyed, and let out a “tsk”.

Just… Although he didn’t want to, he still had to admit that their son Yi was indeed the most handsome among them.

They didn’t have a game today. They came here mainly to look at the venue, step on the spot, and take a look at the strength of their opponents.

This time the competition is based on the wheel battle points system, that is, the teams entering the municipal league must have a one-to-one duel, and the team with the most wins wins.

“I mainly want to know where the team of Beijing No. 7 Middle School is now.” Li Yufeng stretched his neck and looked around. “Look at what those little ghosts look like.”

“I think you mainly want to see who the so-called’fourteen’ is.” Zhao Xi said.

“Yeah, that’s him.” Li Yufeng nodded, “but the new year is over. The kid should be renamed fifteen years old. It would be too shameless if he keeps being fourteen years old.”

Gao Meng agreed: “I feel so too.”

Soon the time came, and the first day of the game began. I don’t know if the publicity efforts are not enough or everyone is not interested in this kind of competition. There are not many spectators present today. Most of the seats are empty.

The commentators were very excited and introduced the competitions of several teams with enthusiasm.

During the intermission, the person in charge of the game called Su Yun.

Bai Hao immediately asked very vigilantly: “What do you tell my sister to do?”

The visitor laughed and said: “Ms. Su is one of our investors in this competition. We are here to invite Miss Su to discuss matters related to the competition.”

Bai Hao then put down the arm that was blocking Su Yun.

After Su Yun left, Yan Jingyuan leaned in Yi Ziming’s ear and whispered: “Old Yi, do you think Xiao Yun is actually quite fierce.”

Yi Ziming slumped in the chair and glanced at Bai Hao after hearing this.

He is very young, with lean and dry eyes, and his eyes will turn quickly, so he looks a bit sharp. When speaking, the ending sound likes to rise and aggravate, and it will be a little bit more hostile inexplicably.

Usually standing there with his head down, he would lift his eyelids and look at people, which is quite fierce.

“So what?” Yi Ziming said casually, “Anyway, you are not offended.”

“I don’t dare to provoke him.” Yan Jingyuan whispered, “I feel like he belongs to the kind of fight that kills him.”

Yi Ziming smiled but didn’t smile: “Do you still look at the face?”

“Of course. Old Yi, I see your brows and eyes full of spring now, you are going to be lucky recently.”

Yi Ziming: “…”

Inexplicably, he felt a little vacant.

Su Yun returned soon, Bai Hao leaned in immediately and asked Su Yun what they had said.

“It is said that the attendance rate of our game is not very high.” Su Yun said bluntly, “Let’s think of a way to promote it, and try to let more people watch it.”

Yi Ziming asked casually: “Have you figured out a way?”

“Of course.” Su Yun said, “I will let them send out the news. Tomorrow the Beijing University team will have a well-known anchor-the second real dad in the area, please come and watch the real person by then.”

Yi Ziming: “…”

No, how come I feel like an object.

“I haven’t used that ID for a long time.” Yi Ziming touched his nose, “I have changed my name since I signed to your company.”

Because the previous live broadcast company pressured Yi Ziming’s signing fee, Su Yun directly asked him to leave the original company and come to her studio, and offered a high signing fee that was in line with his popularity. After Yi Ziming arrived, he changed his previous game name to the unpretentious “Master Yi”.

It’s just that the audience used to call him real father before, and they still call him.

During the live broadcast, Yi Ziming did not show his face but only showed his hands, but it is no secret that he is a student of the E-sports Institute of Beijing University. Many people even went to Beijing University to meet Yi Ziming himself. But I have seen him before, and watching him play games on the field is another feeling. It is indeed a gimmick.

“Don’t worry, your fans will buy it.” Su Yun said with a smile.

Yi Ziming snorted: “Capitalists have infinite means.”

“Of course, how else would you be exploited.” Su Yun replied with a smile.

Yi Ziming stretched his eyebrows, and although he was joking and accusing Su Yun, his expression didn’t mind at all.

He was suddenly a little curious about whether the little cutie who ranked first on his list would watch his game admiringly.

After six o’clock in the evening, the first day of the game ended.

Everyone has different experience in watching the game, so just wait to discuss it after returning to the studio together.

“I didn’t see the team from Beijing No. 7 Middle School.” Li Yufeng thought to himself, “They will only play tomorrow.”

Su Yun wanted to laugh a little: “Are you really so curious?”

Li Yufeng nodded eagerly.

“Then I can ask for you.” Su Yun said, “My brother… someone I know is in the seventh middle school, and should be in that team.”

Li Yufeng’s glasses lit up instantly: “Really? Then you go!”

In fact, she saw Su Qingyu from a distance when Su Yun was called out for the meeting just now, but her relationship with Su Qingyu was really average, far from the point where she wanted to go up and greet her actively.

Since Li Yufeng was so curious…she asked for him.

I also just met my netizens.

So she walked in the direction where she saw Su Qingyu just now, and when she got closer, she saw several heads squeezed together, not knowing what she was calculating.”

“Su Qingyu.” Su Yun’s clear and pleasant voice sounded.

Several young heads looked at her together.

When Su Qingyu saw her, her glasses suddenly lit up, and the corners of her lips immediately curled up, but he was quickly pressed down.

He looked at Su Yun blankly, and asked, “Is there anything wrong?”

“Nothing, just come and see your team.” Su Yun’s gaze swept across the faces of the teenagers, “Which one of you is the captain?”

Upon hearing this, Su Qingyu’s head, which was already uplifted, rose higher in an instant, and quickly and triumphantly replied, “Of course it is me!”

The slight smile on Su Yun’s face solidified for a moment.

“You?” She looked at Su Qingyu with bright eyes, as if she couldn’t believe anything, and asked again, “Are you the fourteen-year-old?”

“Yes.” Su Qingyu wiped a handful of her hair, almost hanging the end of her eyes before looking at Su Yun, “What’s wrong? I have a problem with my ID?”

Su Yun had mixed feelings in his heart.

She never knew that this world was so small. She has known netizens for more than two years, but she turns out to be her half-brother.

Su Yun tried to equate Su Qingyu, who was arrogant and arrogant in front of him, with the Internet teenager who was almost a dog licking in his memory. However, this equation could not be equated.

She thought it was absurd, as if it was some black absurd literature.

After hearing Su Yun’s answer for a long time, Su Qingyu immediately asked again: “What’s wrong? What do you ask my ID for?”

“Ah, nothing, it’s good to be the captain.” Su Yun said, “I just think your ID should be changed. You are fifteen this year.”

Su Qingyu’s face suddenly turned dark, a little embarrassed, and she couldn’t help but roared, “I want you to take care of it!”

Su Yun: “?”

Is the young man so angry?

“Do you have anything else to say?” Su Qingyu asked again.

The look in his eyes was a bit of expectation and desire that he hadn’t even noticed.

“No more.” Su Yun waved his hand, “Goodbye.”

Su Qingyu: “Go away!”

After Su Yun left, a young man looked at Su Qingyu in a puzzled way: “Captain, why are you so fierce to your sister? I think your sister is beautiful and gentle, which is pretty good.”

Su Qingyu didn’t know what he was angry about. I just felt… what Su Yun just said did not suit his wishes.

Knowing he is the captain, shouldn’t she praise him? She also showed such a…unacceptable expression. Why, he doesn’t deserve to be the captain?

Is he so bad in her heart?

“She’s such a shit.” Su Qingyu gritted her teeth, “Where is she!”

“What’s not good?” the classmate asked.

Su Qingyu was speechless again.

He couldn’t tell why.

“She’s not good to me anyway!” Su Qingyu glared at her classmate, her face flushed instantly, “Don’t ask, go back.”

The classmate is still asking: “Does your sister play games?”


The classmate is even more energetic: “Then how is her level? She shouldn’t be very good, right? Beautiful girls are very good.”

“Who said that, my sister is super amazing!” Su Qingyu immediately refuted what the classmates said, and then was a little proud and triumphant. “Her game level is directly proportional to her appearance!”

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