Yeon Hee-dong, Love Letter


Eunjae , the mother house manager in Yeonhui-dong called the Dokebi house . Lee Chan, the man next door , is misunderstood as a friend’s new lover, and is wary . But this man , hit continue to face in the bakery at home, at the library .

“Do something that did n’t happen . It was a mistake . Get drunk , without knowing .”

“I don’t like it . I am not a mistake .” I try to avoid it after the kiss of the day like a mistake , but it is not easy. To stay away from a man who pours out sweetness and innocence like poetry .

“ Am I uncomfortable ?”

“ Why do you think I would be uncomfortable ?”

“Because it ’s obvious . Running away .”

“I did n’t avoid it because I hated it .”

A woman who disturbs people without even trying . A man who looks at misunderstandings and misunderstandings . Let’s start anew , not your neighbors or yours .

“I ‘m Yoon Yi-chan , not the younger brother of Yun , the man next door , and the neighbor .”

“ I’m Gong Eun-jae .”

Yeon Hee-dong, Love Letter
Associated Names: 연희동, 러브레터
Park Young
Genres: romance
Year: 2020.10.02
Status: N/A

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