Chapter 1 Injustice

City A

Count nine cold days, three feet in winter.

Kneel me down. “Si Chen swept his leg directly.

Boom! “Gu Li knelt on both knees.

The pain in the knee made her frown.

Why? “Gu Li still asked.

Why? Gu Li, you still have the face to ask? “Si Chen sneered coldly.

Xuerou’s child is gone, it’s none of my business, she knows she is pregnant and wears high heels…! “Gu Li retorted.

Snapped! Si Chen didn’t allow Gu Li to say Xue Rou, and slapped it directly.

Cough cough cough…! Si Chen, don’t hit the sister-in-law, it’s all my fault. “A gentle, feeble voice came from behind Gu Li.

Sister-in-law, I’m sorry, it’s all my fault, and you have been wronged. “Xue Rou came over to help Gu Li in a fox cloak.

It was in ironic contrast with Gu Li, who was shivering on his knees in a single coat.

roll. “Why didn’t Gu Li know how false this Xue Rou was? How could she care about herself so much.

what……! Xue Rou stumbled, Si Chen hurriedly went over to support Xue Rou.

Gu Qili was so painful that he couldn’t breathe, his old company Chen looked at his eyes, except for indifference or indifference, and there was no extra emotion.

His gentleness was given to Xue Rou in front of her.

She is the adopted daughter of the Si family. She has liked to stick to Si Chen since she was a child. Even if he is married, he will take her with him wherever he goes.

Gu Li, you dare to hurt Xue Rou again, and see how I can deal with you. “

I do not have……! “Gu Li knew how powerless these words were.

Si Chen, when did you believe in yourself!

Sister-in-law, Si Chen is so good, don’t always make him angry, just admit it! “

Cough cough cough…! Xue Rou coughed weakly after speaking.

Let me say it again, I’m… not wrong. “Gu Li frowned, her stomach a little uncomfortable.

Protect your stomach subconsciously.

Si Chen was even more angry when he saw Gu Li’s actions.

Thinking of the physical examination sheet hidden in the safe, and then looking at Li Li’s bald belly, hehe, this green hat is really good.

Also, Xue Rou, why don’t your children have it, you know better than me. “Gu Li didn’t want to spend time with them, she felt a rush of heat, coming out of there.

Child, she can’t let the child do something.

So, she ignored Si Chen Xuerou and stood up directly.

Kneel me down, did I allow you to get up? “Regardless of whether Gu Li is a pregnant woman, Si Chen swept away cruelly.

Boom! “The sound of the knee hitting the floor again.

pain……! “Gu Li was so painful that tears overflowed.

pain? Gu Li, will it hurt? Your current pain is less than one ten thousandth of Rou’er’s pain! “Si Chen roared, thinking that Gu Li was protecting the wild species, he became angry.

Si Chen, don’t be angry, Xue Rou is okay, Xue Rou doesn’t like Si Chen to frown. “Xue Rou smoothed Si Chen’s eyebrows if nothing had happened.

Gu Li watched them intimately and suddenly heard a click. Is this the sound of heartbreak?

Si Chen, let’s get a divorce! “Gu Li took a deep breath, since my heart is broken, why do you keep it?

Si Chen froze when he heard Gu Li’s words, frowning, and then changed into a cold sarcasm.

divorce? Gu Li, why is he so impatient to find a wild man? “

Si Chen, you can beat and scold me, but you must never insult me. “Gu Li was in a daze when Si Chen slandered him.

Is this the man I have loved for ten years?

Si Chen sneered. If there were no wild men, how would the child in her stomach come?

Si Chen never felt how hypocritical Gu Li at this moment.

Gu Liqiang raised his chin, and said every word: Me! No! Have! wild! male! people! “

To shut up. Si Chen looked at the stubborn Gu Li, feeling very annoyed.

Why? Seeing that grief-stricken Gu Li, why did his heart hurt so much?

No, he doesn’t love this woman. It is this woman who haunts him and calculates himself, so he will marry her.

Who do you show with a sad face? Gu Li, don’t you fucking like me? how? Do you want to get a divorce? Can’t afford to play! “

Si Chen duplicity said the most scumbag man’s words.

He just doesn’t want to lose her!

Knowing that she was pregnant, she never thought about divorce.

Si Chen was holding his hair irritably, why?

Why should she betray herself?