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Chapter 1411 A New World

Chapter 1411 The brand new world

Zhou Yue continued: “The second team is even more miserable. Before, the second team always protested against unfairness. He said that our Aurora team went through the back door and said that they are stronger than our Aurora and should be let them. On the field.

This time, two players from the first team retired due to a problem, and they got on top. As a result, they ran in a mess. Su Cai was the last one and Zhang Hao was second.

Fortunately, our captain and Yun Xuan. He turned the tide and took the first and second

places , otherwise the Huaguo team would lose their face!” Zheng Xuran on the side went gossiping, “I heard that there is a very famous female star who also sponsored the second team for a big price. , It seems like Lin Shuya, this time

I am afraid I will lose all my money. But I just got the inside news, I heard that the female star has switched to Leiyin again, originally Leiyin should not appreciate this kind of investment. However, it may be because the two games were robbed of the limelight and the results were not very satisfactory. I did not get too much sponsorship and agreed to cooperate…”

Mo Shuyun heard the gossip of several players, inexplicably astonished. a feeling of.

Not long ago, he was just a bereaved dog who was removed from the KNT team, but now, he has become the captain of the world’s first league seeded team.

When the Aurora Team was first established, his goal was just to be a racer. If he had a chance to enter the third league in this life, he would be dead and no regrets.

Even he did not expect that Aurora Racing could achieve the results it is today.

In the world’s first league, he may not even dare to think about it in the past.

And these are only because of the encounter with that girl outside the KNT team.

At that time, he only regarded her as his favorite goddess Lin Pianruo.

Unexpectedly, this girl brought herself into a whole new world.

So far, he still remembers Lin Yan’s sentence-“Or, let’s talk about the racing team?”

At that time, he didn’t even know that Lin Yan would race cars. He thought that Lin Yan wanted to consult with himself for acting in a movie, but he didn’t expect that she actually invited herself to form a team with her…

Mo Shuyun recalled from his memories: ” Stop nagging, go in, and start training right away!”

Zhou Yue leaned over and asked in a low voice, “Hey, Captain Captain, did we get a lot of investment sponsorships this time? I heard that we are now looking for advertisements from investors. The merchants are going to line up.”

Mo Shuyun didn’t know their thoughts, and said with a smile: “Don’t worry, everyone has a share in the bonus.”

Several people suddenly cheered.

“Captain, will the master come over to train together today?” Yun Xuan, who had not spoken, asked aloud.

“Yeah, is Sister Yan coming over today? We still have questions to ask her!” Zhou Yue and others also said anticipatingly.

Lin Yan almost didn’t participate in training in the third league in the world, and most of the time in the second league in the world, he taught Yunxuan and helped them resume their games.

They had some opinions on this before, and at first they didn’t bother with her methods and ideas. They thought it was just a matter of fact.

Thinking about it now, it’s simply convincing!

The things Lin Yan taught them are really useful in actual combat. In such a short period of time, almost everyone has made a huge improvement.

“Come here, she said that she will come yesterday.” Mo Shuyun said.

As soon as Mo Shuyun’s voice fell, Lin Yan had already arrived.

Zhou Yue and the others greeted immediately: “Miss Yan is early!”

“Master is early!”

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