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Chapter 1412 Didn’t you want to steal the teacher?

Chapter 1412 Isn’t it because you want to steal the teacher

“You are early~” Lin Yan said while looking around.

Mo Shuyun asked, “Goddess, what are you looking for?”

“The boss didn’t come, right?” Lin Yan asked in a low voice.

Mo Shuyun laughed: “Boss Xiao should have an appointment with a sponsor today.”

Lin Yan patted her chest: “That’s good…”

She really didn’t want to see him on the track…

Mo Shuyun was about to take everyone When I went in for training, I was suddenly stopped in front by a group of people.

It is a team of Leiyin and Lightspeed. The captains of the two teams are also there.

One of the Leiyin team members gave them a bad tone and said, “Don’t stand in the way!”

Mo Shuyun still had a polite smile on his face, reminding: “Everyone, we have reserved the venue in Zone A in advance. “The

team member immediately said, “What’s the appointment? Today we are going to train with the Lightspeed team. We have already talked to the manager of the venue. Are you sincerely looking for something?”

Mo Shuyun frowned: “You guys. Are you talking about Manager Zhang? I confirmed with him a week ago…” While

talking, Manager Zhang came over.

Mo Shuyun immediately asked: “Manager Zhang, haven’t we made an appointment, what’s the matter?”

Manager Zhang wiped his sweat with embarrassment: “I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, I made a mistake here. Actually The venue in Area A was booked by Yang Shen early in the morning, but I didn’t figure it out. “It

was booked early in the morning?

It is impossible for the site manager to make this kind of mistake.

So, it could only be the venue that Leiyin and Lightspeed wanted later, but the manager couldn’t afford to offend these two great gods, so he let them go, deliberately saying that he had made a mistake.

In the Chinese racing circle, the status of Leiyin Racing Team and Light Speed Racing Team is unshakable.

Both of these teams are also black diamond members of this circuit, and there is no doubt that the manager will favor them.

Mo Shuyun took a deep breath: “Since you made a mistake, you should take a step back. The area in Area A is large and should be large enough to accommodate the training of three teams.”

Mo Shuyun had already planned to take a step back. But the other party didn’t do it.

The Leiyin team member immediately looked vigilant: “How can it be done! Today is our closed training camp for Leiyin and Lightspeed. All training content is absolutely confidential!”

Another member of the Lightspeed team also raised his eyebrows, “You guys. Isn’t it because you want to steal the teacher?”

Zhou Yue couldn’t listen to it immediately: “Hey, don’t talk so badly, why steal the teacher! Do we need it?” The

Leiyin team member sneered, “Isn’t it? You Wouldn’t you really think that you won the third league and lost the second league in the world, and you think how amazing you are? Who would put the real strength in those two games!” The

implication, Leiyin and Lightspeed have not yet exerted their true strength at all, they are just hiding their strength.

“You…” Zhou Yue was furious. “It’s all Huaguo Motorsports. It’s too ugly for you! It’s too ugly for you to be like a villain!” The

Lightspeed team members looked contemptuously: “Nor are the villains? I know who the villain is! He looks like a villain!”

Ling Yang’s expression on the side was already impatient: “I don’t have time to listen to you arguing here.”

“God Yang, I will solve it now, I will solve it immediately!” The manager turned to Mo Shuyun in a cold sweat, “Captain Mo, I’m really sorry, otherwise, can I just wrong you go to Zone F?”

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