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Chapter 1413 Special Invitation

Chapter 1413 Special invitation:

“Zone F is so small, and training is OK. We train for the world’s first league. How can Zone F be enough? Isn’t there a bigger venue?” Zhou Yue exploded.

These two teams are obviously relying on their seniority to jointly bully them!

Obviously they are all Chinese racing teams, but they are engaged in joint exclusion. It is not because they are robbed of the limelight and feel unhappy.

“I’m really sorry, Zone B and C have been booked by other teams.” Manager Zhang was embarrassed.

Moreover, they cannot afford to offend all the scheduled teams.

Mo Shuyun’s face is a bit ugly. Training before the world’s first league is very important. If the venue is not available, it will be troublesome.

If you are looking for it temporarily now, where to find a venue that meets the standards of the world’s first league, the reservation has been booked in advance by the major teams…

At this moment, one of them walked out of the venue in the opposite zone B. Man in mask.

As soon as the man saw Lin Yan, he subconsciously wanted to fly over and call him a master, but he seemed to be afraid of being scolded, and finally resisted.

“Hello~ If you don’t dislike it, then come to our team’s field, right?” Sun Shuoran invited like a gentleman.

“Are you?”

Sun Shuoran was wearing a mask, so Mo Shuyun and others did not recognize him.

“Our team trains in Zone B. There is only one of our team here. There is enough space. Come and join us!” Sun Shuoran invited very warmly.

Although Sun Shuoran was wearing a mask, Lin Yan recognized him at a glance.

When I called Sun Shuoran last night, I heard him say that the WZ team has arrived in China and started training.

Unexpectedly, they also arranged an appointment here, and they happened to collide with them…

“Uh, what is your team?” Mo Shuyun asked.

Sun Shuoran waved his hand: “We are just a small team!”

Lin Yan: “…”

Mo Shuyun: “Then, what do you call this gentleman?”

Mo Shuyun felt a little strange, a small team renting area B is so big What does the venue do? Is such a rich man?

Sun Shuoran: “I am a racer in a small team, you don’t know what the name says!”

Lin Yan: “…”

Sun Shuoran continued to invite guests as if they were not coming, like a brothel. “Come on! Come on! We don’t worry about training leaks, and we don’t worry about stealing your teacher!”

Mo Shuyun hesitated, subconsciously looked at Lin Yan and asked her opinion: “The goddess , Shall we go there?”

If she can, she definitely doesn’t want to go, but the world’s first league is coming soon, every minute and every second of training time is precious to everyone.

“Thank you, then.”

Finally, Lin Yan agreed, and at the same time gave Sun Shuoran a warning look, telling him not to talk nonsense.

“Okay, let’s go!” Lin Yan said, Mo Shuyun naturally had no objection.

Yun Xuan on the side glanced suspiciously in Sun Shuoran’s direction. Did he make a mistake?

The man with the mask looked familiar, and he seemed to wink at him just now.

“Thank you brother, it’s so righteous!” Zhou Yue walked over with gratitude, and put Sun Shuoran on the shoulder.

Sun Shuoran smiled and said, “You’re welcome, you’re all a family! Helping each other should be a good idea!” Isn’t the

master’s team just a family with them!

Zhou Yue and the others thought that Sun Shuoran meant that everyone was Chinese, so they helped each other without thinking about it, so they just went in with Sun Shuoran…

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