Chapter 1592 Put Your Claws Down

Chapter 1592 Putting down your paws,

Yun Xuan seemed to notice something, his eyes became sharp for an instant, looked at He Lefeng and others, and said: “You guys go out first.”

“Ah?” He Lefeng was stunned.

Xiao Yao said, “Too many people and poor air circulation will affect her rest. We are here. You should go back first.”

Although he is very worried about Lin Yan’s body, Xiao Yao, a doctor who knows well, said so, He Lefeng , Sun Shuoran and others could only leave first.

Although Qi Feng is also an evolutionary, his mental power has not yet reached the point where he can detect abnormalities, and he didn’t think much about it, and he followed everyone first.

After all the people left, Xiao Yao immediately released a protective cover in the room where Pei Gan and Pei Li slept.

Lin Yan seemed to be controlled by the consciousness of an extremely powerful spiritual evolutionary.

This is so unusual.

Because although a spiritual evolutionary can control the consciousness of others, it is almost impossible to directly attach his own consciousness to others. It is very difficult even to attach to an ordinary person, let alone Lin Yan Still an evolutionary.

Yunxuan eyes micro whole family, the next second, huge overwhelming coercion toward the bed, “Lin smoke” attack go: “Who are you?”

The Holy Land Custodian of strength, even look at the whole evolution of those circles, and not a few Individuals can resist.

However, at this moment, “Lin Yan” lying on the bed did not even blink his brows and was not affected at all.

Not only Yunxuan, but Xiao Yao’s expression also changed.

Yunxuan is a spiritual evolutionary.

Unless the mental power of the consciousness possessed by Lin Yan is stronger than Yun Xuan, it is impossible not to be affected.

The coercion of the high-level evolution is absolute to the suppression of the low-level evolution.

Yun Xuan was worried about hurting Lin Yan, so he didn’t use his full strength. Seeing this at the moment, he suddenly released all the pressure.

As a result, the person on the bed just waved his hand gently, and still remained unaffected.

Yun Xuan and Xiao Yao looked at each other, and both felt a little weird. Who would it be?

Even the Lord of the Holy Land with the dual evolution of body and spirit is not absolutely sure that he can inhabit other people’s consciousness without being backlashed at all…

Yun Xuan took a deep breath and said, “No matter who you are, say it. Your purpose, don’t hurt my master.”

Xiao Yao took out his mobile phone quietly, but before he could send a message, the window in the bedroom was suddenly opened from the outside.

Afterwards, Wang Jingyang and Baihe climbed in through the window.

“What’s the matter?” Wang Jingyang was obviously startled by two unusual mental powers.

Bai He turned the window with one hand and held a Qiao Lezi in the other. When he looked at Lin Yan on the bed, he couldn’t help showing an unexpected look, “Huh? Not the sister…”

Xiao Yao didn’t expect Bai He to appear there. Here, the brow furrowed slightly, and his expression was a little jealous: “The Lord of the Holy Land…”

Yun Xuan was also a little surprised. Although the person in front of him was just a clone of the Lord of the Holy Land, he completely inherited the spiritual power and memory of the Lord of the Holy Land. The Lord of the Holy Land makes no difference.

Yun Xuan hesitated for a while, and then respectfully bowed: “Holy Lord.”

“What’s the situation? What’s going on this girl?” Wang Jingyang frowned.

Wang Jingyang was uncertain, but “Lin Yan” on the hospital bed didn’t seem to pay attention to them at all. She touched her forehead and changed herself with another antipyretic patch.

Probably because of the high fever, the muscles all over the body were aching, so she lifted the trousers up a bit and massaged the sore muscles of her calf.

When Wang Jingyang saw it, his expression suddenly changed, “Damn! Stop! Put down your paws, where are you going to touch them!”

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