Chapter 2 Advanced Cancer

What are you doing? “There was a stern voice.

Xue Rou’s body trembled without a trace, Si Chen’s expression softened a bit when she heard it.

It seems to be relieved.

Mom, why are you here? Don’t freeze your body in this cold weather. “Xue Rou hugged the visitor coquettishly.

She is Si Chen’s mother, Li Ziyan.

Gu Li, when you get up, you blame your mother for not educating your son well and letting him treat you this way. “Li Ziyan ignored Si Chen Xuerou and directly jumped over them to help Gu Li.

Is your conscience eaten by dogs? You also know that it is a cold day, you are wearing a fox cloak, and you are wearing an expensive warm suit. “Li Ziyan took off his coat and wrapped Gu Li.

You all know the cold, look at Gu Li again, what is she wearing? She was pregnant, and let her kneel down in single clothes. Si Chen and Gu Li are also the treasures of other parents’ parents. Who gives you the qualification to treat her like this? “

Even if she is your wife, you are not qualified. “Li Ziyan scolded.

How could she raise such a bastard thing.

Mom… You don’t know what she did. Si Chen watched as Gu Li was covering his stomach, and he was upset.

Ha ha, Xue Rou, is Gu Li really pushing you? “Li Ziyan looked at Xue Rou with sharp eyes and asked.

amount……! Mom, I’m all to blame, I didn’t stand steady when I walked, and accidentally fell. “Xue Rou Lihua wept with rain in a low voice.

Then why did you say that your sister-in-law pushed it? “Li Ziyan knows this adopted daughter very well.

Mom, I don’t…! “Xue Rou said aggrievedly.

Mom, why do you abduct your arms, why do you help outsiders to speak, Xue Rou was also raised by you, why do you trust outsiders and don’t believe her? “Si Chen is very fond of this younger sister, how could her words be false.”

Gu Li instantly collapsed when he heard those two words. It turned out that she was an outsider from beginning to end.

Really ironic! My husband said he was an outsider.

Hahaha…! “Gu Li suddenly laughed.

you you……! What are you laughing at? “Si Chen’s heart is mixed.

Seeing Gu Li’s smile, what did he feel like he had lost?

Si Chen, I once loved a person. He once said that he loved me, but he also said not to hurt me.

why? You lie to me, before our sweetness was fake? Outsider, haha, I didn’t expect that I was an outsider in your eyes. “Gu Li sobbed with tears.

Yes, I lied to you, who asked you to calculate me to marry you, I treat you well, that is just to make you love me with all my heart, and I will abandon you cruelly. “

Gu Li, you lost. I didn’t expect that you really love me so much. You can believe everything I say. I am really moved. Gu Li, don’t you love me? Even in order to marry me, take yourself off and lie down on my bed, you deceive you thousands of times, I am afraid you will be obsessed with me! “

Si Chen clenched his fists, who can tell him why he said such words.

Yes, she lost, she really lost.

Gu Li protected the child in his stomach, that was the only thing he could leave for Si Chen.

The words of the doctor a few days ago are vivid.

In the late stage of gastric cancer, I originally thought that I was pregnant because of nausea, but I did not expect it to be the late stage of gastric cancer.

Her condition cannot be delayed. The child must be destroyed, and she may live for a few years.

But this child, she and Si Chen’s love Jing, is the testimony of her love for him for ten years, how could she stifle, she chose to conceal her condition.


They will become what they are today.

The one who used to hold an umbrella for me on a rainy day, saying that I was his preference, is really a devil, and made me irresistible.

Gu Li clenched his hands tightly. If this is what he wants, then it will be done.

He gave his own life, ha ha, what else do you want to extravagantly ask for?

Si Chen, if this is what you want, I will fulfill you, what do you want me to do? I can do everything for you, Xuerou you spoiled you, yes, you continue to hurt me, yes, what else do you want? “Gu Li heard the tick tick sound.

Is this the heart dripping blood?

Bastard stuff, Si Chen, this is how you treat Gu Li? “

And you, Xue Rou, and you also have a boyfriend. How can you always live here with Si Chen? “