Chapter 3 Why He Hates Her

Mom, don’t be fierce Xuerou, she just lost her child, I took it. “Si Chen immediately defended Xue Rou.

Mom, I don’t know why? You maintain this bitch like this, if it weren’t for her, dad wouldn’t die. Si Chen heard Gu Li’s nausea and vomiting.

This voice reminded him all the time, there was a green grassland on his head.

Gu Li resisted the smell of blood surging into her throat, and she wiped the trace of blood flowing out.

Gu Li felt guilty for Si Zhan’s death and Si Chen’s father.

Hearing what Si Chen said, Li Ziyan raised his eyes lightly and glanced at Si Chen and said: You are confused, it does not mean that I am confused, I am still awake, your father’s death has nothing to do with Gu Li. “

Si Chen’s face was blue and frowned: Mom, that’s your husband, my father, if it wasn’t for sending her to the hospital, could Dad have a car accident? Will dad die? “

In the end, Si Chen roared out.

Gu Li closed his eyes when he heard the words, and his heart was ashamed.

Yes, she made a dozen calls to Si Chen that day, but the answer was that he was very busy, don’t disturb him.

Yes, it was very busy, really competent, and personally accompanied Xuerou’s obstetric examination.

When she finally wanted to play 120, she was in a coma.

It happened that Si Zhan came over and saw Gu Li lying on the ground and hurriedly rushed to the hospital.

That day, it rained heavily.

A mud truck, because of the slippery road, directly flicked and crossed the road, and finally crashed into the fighting car.

Si Zhan was hit directly by the front of the car and died on the spot.

But because Gu Li was behind, at that critical moment, Si Zhan pulled down his seat. This was also the space, which gave Gu Li a little space.

She survived, and when she woke up, she knew that her father-in-law rescued her and died on the spot.

Li Ziyan yelled: Your father was in a car accident. Why do you say that she is the murderer? Gu Li is my daughter-in-law, Si Chen, I know that your father’s death has dealt a great blow to you, but this is really an accident. “

Si Chen was scolded by his mother, and he stared at Gu Li unwillingly.

Gu Li looked sadly at Si Chen, they have known each other for ten years now!

Mom, let’s get in the house quickly, check the weather, it’s going to rain! “Xue Rou took Li Ziyan’s hand affectionately.

Si Chen looked dark and gritted his teeth and said: Mom, you go in first, I have something to tell Gu Li. “

How could Li Ziyan not understand what his son wanted to do, but did he really understand his heart?

Seeing his son’s closed heart, his tone softened a lot: Si Chen, do you really understand your own heart? “

What do you mean? “Si Chen was confused.

Don’t really lose it, just cherish it! “Li Ziyan said meaningfully.

Mom, you know, how did Gu Li and I get married? If it weren’t for her, Linda would leave in sorrow? “

Haha, it turns out that he never forgot her.

Maybe it’s really like what Si Chen said, he is really retaliating for his kindness.

is it? Are you really forced? “Li Ziyan really wanted to cut open his son’s elm head to see if it was filled with water?

If it is not tempted, how can it be forced.

Sichen’s Dichen Group is also ranked among the top five hundred in the world group.

Why is his son so savvy in his career, he is an idiot only in dealing with feelings?

As a bystander, she can see clearly how much Gu Li loves him, but her son actually doesn’t cherish him.

Gu Li, let’s go in. “Li Ziyan pulled up Gu Li’s little hand that was almost frozen.

Mom, if you go in first, I have something to tell her. Si Chen saw that he had reached the gate, and he stopped.

It’s really raining outside.


Donglei rang.

Gu Li trembled under the piercing wind.

She touched her belly, comforting her young heart.

It seems to be telling the child, don’t be afraid, mother is here

Si Chen immediately approached Gu Li after seeing his mother and sister entering, and pulled her collar and said: Gu Li, what else can you do besides these little tricks? “