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Room corner melody


Midas of the music industry hands , olkil unconditionally music charts . Cha Oh-reum is a famous composer and is active in a row . A love call for album work came to top musician Seo Joo-han .

” Let’s use it properly . Contract .”

β€œDo you mean writing the contract on the back page ?”

A camp work of two big-sooks who growl even if they make eye contact .

β€œ This … Is it a dream .”

β€œ Dream … That’s right .”

Then one night I got drunk . A gentle wave arose from a sweet kiss . What will you look like after this night. Without even thinking about whether to face each other .

Room corner melody
Associated Names: 방ꡬ석 λ©œλ‘œλ””
Genres: romance
Year: 2020.09.29
Status: N/A

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