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Chapter 1 First time meeting (2)

“What she said is actually very boring. It only touches on the scandal. It lacks horror at all. I am a little disappointed.”

What does the new girl think? She was also disappointed by these gossips?

I listened to this new girl, Bella, how he reacted to Jessica’s story. What did she see when she looked at our family of weird guys whose skin color was as white as chalk and everyone shunned them?

My responsibility is to find out her reaction. In a way, I am a sentry for our family, in order to protect the whole family. Once anyone becomes suspicious of us, I can warn my family early so that I can retreat in time. This kind of thing happens occasionally. Some humans have a rich imagination and see characters in books or movies. Although they usually look at them, we still prefer to move to a new place to avoid long nights and dreams. Only a handful of people will guess right, but we will not give them a chance to prove the suspicion in their hearts. We will simply disappear, leaving only memories that frighten them.

This kind of thing hasn’t happened for decades.

Although I listened very carefully, I only heard Jessica’s boring monologue continue to talk. There was no sound around her, as if no one was sitting at all. It’s weird. That girl left? This is unlikely, because Jessica is still talking to her. I looked up and felt a little overwhelmed. I never needed to check my “hearing” like this before.

My eyes met the big brown eyes again. She sat in her original seat and looked at our family. Her move seemed natural, because Jessica was still talking about the local people’s views on the Kulun family.

In this way, new students should also think of us.

I can’t hear her at all.

Her cheeks flushed seductively, and her eyes dropped, as if embarrassed by a voyeur being caught. Fortunately, Jasper was still looking out the window, otherwise the red wave on her face might make him uncontrollable.

Her emotions seemed to be written on her face: she unconsciously looked at the subtle differences between people like her and us, and was surprised; she was curious when she listened to the story described by Jessica; and Another emotion…fascinated? Even if it is, I am not surprised. In the eyes of the prey, we have a beautiful charm. The fourth emotion is shyness.

Although her strange eyes clearly conveyed her thoughts-I find it strange, because those eyes are extra deep-I only hear silence in her mind. Only…silence.

I am a little disturbed.

I have never encountered this situation before. I have a problem? But I feel that I am no different from before. Out of worry, I listened more attentively. As a result, all the voices that were originally excluded by me suddenly shouted in my mind. ‚Ķ I don’t know what kind of music she likes‚Ķ Maybe I can discuss my new CD with her‚Ķ Mike Newton, who is two tables away, is full of Bella Swann.

Look at the way he stared at her. More than half of the girls in the school like him, isn’t that enough‚Ķ Eric Joki’s dark thoughts also surround the new girl.

‚ĶIt’s disgusting. She seemed to have become a celebrity‚ĶEven Edward Cullen stared at her‚Ķ Lauren Mallory looked pale with jealousy. And Jessica, showing off her new friends like that. It’s ridiculous‚Ķ the girl’s thoughts kept coming up with acrimonious thoughts.

…I bet everyone has asked her. But I want to talk to her. What kind of topic is more creative? Ashley Dowling was so contemplative.

… Maybe she will take the same Spanish class as me… Joan Richardson hopes so.

…There is so much to do tonight! Trigonometric functions, as well as an English test. I hope my mother…Angela Weber, a quiet girl, has a very friendly mind, and she is the only one at that table who is not thinking of Bella.

I can hear the thoughts of each of them, and flash through every trivial thought in their minds. But I couldn’t hear anything from the new student whose eyes seemed to speak.

Of course, when she spoke to Jessica, I could hear her. I don’t need to read my mind, and I can hear her low and clear voice floating from the other side of the restaurant.

“Who is that red-brown haired boy?” I heard her ask. She peeked at me from the corner of her eye, and when she realized that I was also looking at her, she immediately looked away.

I thought that by hearing her voice, I might be able to accurately find her voice, but I was immediately disappointed. Generally speaking, people hear their own voice in their heads, which are very similar to the actual voice. But this quiet and shy voice is very strange, not one of the hundreds of thoughts lingering in the restaurant. I’m pretty sure about it, it’s also unheard of for me.

Oh, good luck, you fool! Jessica made some comments in her mind before answering the girl: “That’s Edward. He is very handsome, but don’t waste time on him. He never dates. He obviously thinks all the girls here are worthy. Fuck him.” She sneered softly.

I turned my face away, hiding the snicker on my face. What Jessica and her classmates didn’t know was that they were not attractive to me at all, which was actually a great fortune for them.

After a brief smile, I felt a weird impulse, which I couldn’t fully understand. The new girl didn’t notice the malice in Jessica’s words, but I wanted to stand between her and Jessica to protect Bella Swann from Jessica’s instigation. This feeling is really weird. I tried to find out the reason behind this impulse, so I looked at her carefully again, this time through Jessica’s eyes. My stare drew too much attention.

Maybe it’s just the protective nature that has been buried for a long time. The strong want to protect the weak. I don’t know why, the new girl looks weaker than the other classmates. Her skin is almost transparent, and it seems that it is difficult to resist everything from the outside world. I can see the regular pulsation of blood vessels under my fair skin‚Ķbut I shouldn’t think about it. Although I am good at the lifestyle I choose, I am as hungry as Jasper, and there is no point in letting myself fall into temptation like this.

She didn’t seem to notice that she frowned slightly.

I can clearly see that she is sitting here, talking to strangers and becoming the center of attention, which is stressful for her. Seeing her arching her thin shoulders slightly, as if waiting to be criticized at any time, I could see that she was very shy. But I can only use what I watch, guess, and imagine. This feeling is truly an unprecedented setback! This unexpected human girl was completely silent, and I couldn’t hear her thoughts at all. why?

“Can we go?” Rosley muttered, interrupting my attention.

I took my mind away from the girl and felt relieved. I don’t want to continue to be frustrated in this matter. After all, “frustration” is a very rare feeling for me, which makes me particularly annoyed. I don’t want to be interested in her because I can’t hear her hidden voice. After I decipher her thoughts–I will decipher them sooner or later–I will surely find that her thoughts are as trivial and boring as ordinary people, and it is not worth my effort to dig.

“So, the new students are beginning to be afraid that we are not?” Emmet asked me, still waiting for me to answer his question just now.

I shrugged. He didn’t have much interest in this matter at first, so he didn’t intend to follow up.

We got up together and walked out of the restaurant.

Emmet, Roselie, and Jasper all pretended to be senior students and went to their classrooms. I am playing a younger student than them, walking to the first-grade biology classroom, preparing for another boring course. The teacher of the biology class is Mr. Banner, a man with a medium IQ; no matter how hard he teaches, he should not be able to change any new tricks, which surprised me with a double medical degree.

I walked into the classroom, sat down in my usual seat, and spread the textbooks on the table. These books are all props. I already knew what was written in them. I am the only one in the class who occupies a table. These humans are not smart enough to know that they are afraid of me, but subconsciously keep their distance from me based on their survival instinct.

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