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Chapter 1 First time meeting

my eyes and a pair of big human eyes looked at each other for half a second. Those eyes were chocolate brown, and my face was a fair face with melon seeds. I know who she is, although I haven’t seen her before this moment.

At this time every day, I wish I could fall asleep.

High school life… or should it be called purgatory? If there is any way for me to atone for my sins, this moment should be one of them. I am not used to this kind of boring life, every day seems to be more monotonous and dull than the day before.

Maybe this can also be regarded as my way of sleeping-if sleep refers to the state of stagnation between activities. I stared at the far side corner of the student dining room, where there were a few cracks on the plaster wall. I imagined them as non-existent patterns. In this way, I would not hear the rattling like a river in my mind. The voice of the person.

I don’t bother to pay attention to the hundreds of voices.

When it comes to the “human heart” thing, I have heard what kind of aspirations, and today, everyone’s mind is focused on a boring little thing: the new transfer student. Such a small matter makes everyone so excited. In my thoughts, I saw this new face from all angles, just an ordinary human girl. The excitement caused by her arrival could not be more ordinary, this kind of reaction is like a group of young children seeing you show off a shiny thing. Among the herd-like boys, half of them have imagined being infatuated with her because she is a new face. I tried harder to turn a deaf ear to the voices of these people.

There are four voices. I refused to listen out of politeness rather than disgust. They are my family, two brothers and two sisters. They have long been used to having no privacy when I am present, so they rarely care about it. I also try to give them privacy and try to avoid listening to their thoughts.

Although I tried hard, but… still audible.

Roselie was thinking of herself as usual, her mind was like a pool of stagnant water that lacked movement. She noticed that her profile was reflected in someone’s sunglasses, so she kept thinking about how perfect she was. Compared with anyone, the color of her hair is more like real gold, her perfect figure is more like an hourglass, and her symmetrical oval face is the most flawless. She is not comparing herself with the humans here, this comparison is ridiculous. Her view of ordinary people is the same as our view of ordinary people: human beings are not worth mentioning.

Emmett’s usually carefree face is now full of frustration. He grabbed the black curly hair with his huge hands, and pulled them into a ball in his hands. He was still angry about losing to Jasper in wrestling last night. With limited patience, he is trying to wait until school is over and wants to arrange a revenge match. When I hear Emmett’s thoughts, I never feel that his thoughts invade my mind, because he always speaks out his thoughts aloud or directly puts them into action. Maybe I only feel guilty when I read other people’s minds, because I know they have something that I don’t want me to know. If Roselie’s mind is like a pool of stagnant water, then Emmet’s is like a lake, transparent like glass, without shadows.

And Jasper is… feeling distressed. I force myself not to sigh.

Edward. Elise called my name in her head, and it immediately caught my attention, just like calling my name out loud. I’m glad that my name has gone out of fashion in the past few decades, otherwise every time someone thinks of Edward, my head will automatically turn to the source of the sound.

At this moment, my head didn’t turn around. Iris and I are very good at this kind of secret conversation, and they are rarely discovered. I continued to stare at the crack in the plaster wall.

How is he? Elise asked me.

I frowned and the corners of my mouth drooped slightly, not enough to attract anyone’s attention. Even if anyone noticed, they might think I was bored and frowned.

Jasper stiffened for too long and did not make the human actions we had to make in order to blend in with the crowd. For example, Emmett would pull the hair, Roselie would take turns crossing her legs, and Elise would keep tapping the linoleum with her toes. On the floor, I turned my head and stared at the various patterns on the wall. Jasper looked like he was completely paralyzed, his thin body was as straight as steel bars, and even his honey-colored hair didn’t seem to be disturbed by the air blowing from the air outlet.

Alice’s mental state has increased her alertness, and I saw in her mind that she was squinting at Jasper. Is there any danger? She foresaw the future for the next few minutes, looking for the cause of my frown in the monotonous scene. When she did this, she didn’t forget to support her sharp chin with a small fist and blink from time to time. She pulled away the short black hair in front of her eyes. I slowly turned my head to the left, as if looking at the bricks on the wall, then sighed, then turned to the right, and continued to look at the crack in the ceiling. Others would think I was playing a human, only Alice knew that I was shaking my head.

She relaxed. If the situation gets worse, tell me.

I just moved my eyes, looked at the ceiling above, and then looked down.

Thank you for helping this.

I’m glad I can’t answer her aloud, otherwise what am I going to say? my pleasure? I don’t feel honored at all. I don’t like listening to Jasper’s inner struggle. Is it necessary to engage in this trial? Why not simply admit that maybe he just can’t hold back his hunger and thirst like we do? Why take such a risk like this?

Our last hunt was two weeks ago. For us, this time is not very difficult, but occasionally it feels uncomfortable, such as which human being is too close to us, or the wind direction is wrong. But humans seldom get too close to us, and their instincts will warn their hearts that they will never understand: we are dangers that must be avoided.

Jasper is dangerous now.

I am shocked every now and then: the humans around us are really slow. We have long been accustomed to this, and always expect humans to be so slow, but sometimes we are still surprised. None of them noticed us. We were sitting at the dilapidated dining table, more deadly than a group of tigers. They only saw five weird-looking people, very human-like people. I can hardly imagine how their sense organs are so dull, how can they live to the present.

At this time, a petite girl was standing at the dining table nearest to us for a moment, talking to a friend, and at the same time flicking her short yellow-brown hair with her fingers. The heating blows her scent to us. I have become accustomed to the physiological effects of this smell: a dull sore throat, a hollow hunger in the stomach, subconsciously contracted muscles, and a large amount of venom in the mouth…

These reactions are common and easy to ignore, but they are becoming more common now. Difficult, because when I stared at Jasper, this reaction became stronger, twice as strong as usual.

Jasper has fallen into imagination. He was imagining himself standing next to Elise, standing next to the little girl, bending down, as if whispering in her ear, letting his lips touch her neck. He was imagining how she felt like her burning pulse under a thin layer of skin…

I kicked his chair.

He looked back at me, complaints flashed in his black eyes, and then drooped. I could hear the two emotions of shame and rebellion fighting in his mind.

“Sorry,” Jasper murmured.

I shrugged.

“You don’t actually intend to do those things,” Elise whispered to him, pacifying his embarrassment. “I can see it.”

I forced myself not to frown so as not to reveal that what she said was a lie. Alice and I must unite. It is not easy to do this. After all, we are the freaks beside the freaks, we guard each other’s secrets.

“If you look at them as human beings, it will help a little bit.” Elise suggested, her voice high and sweet, and she spoke very fast, even if there were humans nearby. “Her name is Huini, and she loves her young sister very much. Her mother invited Esme to the garden party, do you remember?”

“I know who she is.” Jasper replied briefly, leaving behind His face, staring at a small window under the eaves, made it clear that he did not want to discuss this topic anymore.

He must go hunting tonight. It is ridiculous to take risks to test his concentration and train his endurance like this. Jasper should accept his limits and find ways to live with them peacefully.

Alice sighed slightly, stood up, and picked up the dinner plate-the plate was actually her prop-left here and dropped him. She knew he had had enough of her encouragement. Although Roselie and Emmett are more open about their relationship, Elise and Jasper are more familiar with all of each other’s needs, as if the two can also read their minds-but they can only hear each other’s voices. .


natural reaction. I turned to the sound source who called my name-even if the other party didn’t call my name, it just thought of it in my mind.

My eyes and a pair of big human eyes looked at each other for half a second. Those eyes were chocolate brown, and my face was a fair face with melon seeds. I know who she is, although I haven’t seen her before this moment. Today, every human student has her in the mind. The new student, Isabella Swan, the daughter of the sheriff of the town, came here to live because of guardianship and other arrangements. Bella-she corrected everyone who called her full name.

I looked away impatiently, and after a second I realized that it was not her who thought of my name.

Of course she was infatuated with the Cullen family, and I heard the thought go on.

I recognize this “voice” now.

Jessica Stanley – She used to annoy me for a while with this inner dialogue. When she finally gave up this wrong infatuation, I finally breathed a sigh of relief. I was almost driven crazy by her endless absurd daydreams. I really wanted to tell her what would happen if my lips, together with the teeth behind them, were close to her. If I had said it at the time, I would surely calm down her annoying imagination. Thinking of how she would react, I almost laughed.

Her obsession with the Cullen family was just a waste of effort, Jessica thought, and she was not pretty at all. I really don’t understand how Eric and Mike would like her.

She emphasized the name Mike in her mind. The school’s popular lover, Mike Newton, is her latest obsession, but he regards her as air, but he is obviously interested in new transfer students, just like a child wants a shiny new toy. When Jessica thought of this, her thoughts became gloomy, but on the surface she was very friendly to new students, and she was explaining to her what ordinary people know about our family. It seems that the new student has asked us about it.

Everyone is looking at me today, Jessica thought smugly. Bella has two classes with me, why am I so lucky? I bet Mike would want to ask me what kind of person she is—

before her noisy nonsense drives me crazy, I try to get this stupid inner conversation out of her mind.

“Jessica Stanley is sharing the secrets of the Cullen family with the new girl, the one called Swann.” To divert my attention, I mumbled to Emmet.

He laughed in a low voice and thought: I hope she speaks brilliantly.

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