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Chapter 1 Smashed by a Brick

Cao Qiuyue was killed by a brick.

On the day she was formally nominated as the richest woman in city A.

As the protagonist of this press conference, she attended in full costume and was guarded by the stars.

But unfortunately…

The red brick that was inexplicably dropped from the sky came straight towards her forehead as if it had eyes.

Click it.

The elegant red brick, like an angry bird, hits the bullseye perfectly.

And she was the innocent wild boar with a gun”, her eyes were black, and she fell to the ground.

At the last moment before she lost consciousness, she was still distressed about the hundreds of digits left by her hard work.

From obscurity to reputation, she spent more than ten years.

With her extraordinary courage and unique sales skills, she basically monopolized the market in most of the provinces. Now, her daily income alone is enough for ordinary people’s income for most of their lives.

I thought that if I achieved this status, I would have the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the peace and comfort for a lifetime.

Unexpectedly, at the peak of her career, she would end up like this.

She thought she was dead, but her consciousness was erratic.

Cao Qiuyue’s thoughts drifted farther and farther, as if traveling through half a century.

For a while, she couldn’t tell if she was still alive.

Suddenly, there was a bang in the ear!

Shaking like thunder.

The door was kicked open by someone, and the broken wooden door was almost killed on the spot because of this kick.

In the silent tiled house, a woman’s sharp yelling and cursing sounded, which was unusually harsh, and also interrupted Cao Qiuyue’s imagination.

Are you a cheap species and still have the face to sleep? ! Our Jiang family is ashamed to have a wife like you! “

If it weren’t for you, the prodigal son, how could Heping jump out of the car and save you from a broken leg? Why do you, a scourge, lie here and sleep peacefully? “

Hearing this, Cao Qiuyue, who was still in a coma, couldn’t help but frowned.

Where did the shrew come from?

Are the security measures in the hospital so low-level?

Before she could guess who the owner of the first voice was, another female voice sounded in the room.

You haha ​​Liping, don’t you say it all! You are here to help me persuade people, what are you doing? “

Why not do it? If it weren’t for her to work hard there, would Heping fall from the car? If you want me to talk about my sister-in-law, don’t get used to her. If the child is disobedient, just give me a meal or two. “

Oops, it’s okay. The Cao family didn’t dislike Heping and his father was running out of bed, and it was fun enough to be able to marry our Jiang family. Cao Qiuyue was also wronged by her.

What’s more, in that situation, it is also right to save her peacefully. As long as she realizes her mistake this time and lives with Peace in the future, I won’t say much!

After all, the old Cao’s family is so good. If the child’s father can still find it, the Jiang family is not so difficult, and it can be considered worthy of others, but I did not expect that so many things have happened in the past six months! Ugh! “

After the sharp female voice sounded, another gentle female voice echoed.

Cao Qiuyue listened to the clouds in the mist.

What’s this, still a friend from the Northeast?

Is there any peace because she broke her leg?

Who is peace? Who is she?

She rolled her eyes a few times, intending to open her heavy eyelids to see the situation.

Come on, Sister-in-law, even if you have a very good personality, you can let your daughter-in-law bully yourself. I haven’t seen such an arrogant daughter-in-law. I can’t bear it if you can bear it. Today I must give her a memory! “

Before Cao Qiuyue could open her eyes in the future, she was lifted up and forced her to open her eyes.

Sleeping like a lazy pig all day long, how about a nest? ! Get up quickly and pick up peace.”

Cao Qiuyue was so troubled by this person that she had to open her eyes and look over.

Just a glance made Cao Qiuyue a little dazed.

The interior view of the intensive care ward of the hospital is different from what I expected.

The light in this room is dim, and only the natural light from outside enters this dilapidated hut.

The surrounding walls are surrounded by red bricks. Where the bricks meet, you can still see cement blocks. The ground is a natural earth embryo ground, and there are dust particles that people bring up when they walk by. There is only one bed inside the house. , There is only a small wooden stool that can no longer see the original color, and the surface has been faded by people sitting on it, and it looks like it has been used for a long time.

Look at her underneath, a dilapidated bed. The quilt has been used for a long time. There are large and small patches on it. However, compared with the sheets, the clothes on her look the cleanest. .

I looked up at the two women in front of me. Although they looked like they were in their 30s and 40s, the one on the right was obviously more haggard than the woman on the left. Some were wrapped in sackcloth clothes, with thick palms and backs of hands. The cocoons seem to be caused by frequent farm work.

What are you looking at! “After feeling Cao Qiuyue’s gaze, Peng Liping widened her eyes, and the hand holding her sleeve hadn’t been released yet.

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