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Chapter 1 Super Domination System

“Hurry up and bury him, don’t let people find out, otherwise it will be detrimental to us.”

“Hey! Zhang Tianhao deserves this waste. Who told him to offend Young Master Zhentian, he was doomed.” A man said with a cold smile.

The sound of intermittent plowing of soil came to my ears. Zhang Tianhao woke up in a daze, with all kinds of memories flooding his mind, his mind was about to explode.

I crossed? The young master of the Zhang family’s waste wood in Waxi country?

Zhang Tianhao felt a little confused. He only remembered that he seemed to be playing on a computer in an Internet cafe, and when he was using the computer to charge his mobile phone, he leaked electricity and was shocked. Then it went through.

It’s all about crossing, but the problem is. Knowing from memory, he is now in a difficult situation. My father used to be the head of the family, but disappeared a year ago. The great elder, his uncle, became the acting head of the family.

Originally as a family genius, he had the blood of Dahijin Kong, but on the second day after his father’s disappearance, the martial artist’s life gate Dantian was abolished by a mysterious person, his cultivation was completely abolished, and his blood was taken away. And the grandfather who the family valued him the most, was unable to retreat, he became a rubbish for everyone to deceive.

During the day, because the younger sister was bullied, he ran into the uncle’s son, who was his cousin Zhang Zhentian, and was severely injured and dying from a palm blow. At this moment, facing the situation of being buried alive.

I’m going, I’m going to hang up as soon as I crossed the road. Isn’t it too miserable to wear this?

I know from memory that the three who are going to bury themselves alive are Zhang Zhentian’s doglegs. Although the strength is not strong, the weakest one has the strength of a martial artist Yizhong. The strong one is even the Martial Artist Second Layer, any one can play with the dead oneself.

Zhang Tianhao was a little worried, and didn’t want to die again immediately after passing through. He didn’t dare to move, if anyone knew that he was not dead, he would be done with another knife.


Zhang Tianhao felt itchy on his arm and patted it subconsciously.

“Ding Dong!”

“Congratulations to the player, killing one ant, experience value +1, now experience value 1. Do you want to activate the super master system?” A pleasant voice came.

Immediately afterwards, Zhang Tianhao found a golden thing in his mind. Much like the props in the game. Zhang Tianhao subconsciously opened this item with his mind.

“Ding Dong!” It was crisp, similar to the prompt sound in the game.

“Congratulations to the host for activating the Super Domination System. Do you want to check the character’s attributes?”

“Yes!” Zhang Tianhao said silently subconsciously.

Zhang Tianhao felt an extra attribute panel in his mind.

Player: Zhang Tianhao

Level: Level 0

Infuriating: 0 points

Method: Purple Qi Jue

Martial Arts: None

Supernatural powers: none

Charm value: 0

Lucky value: 0

This is a game?

Zhang Tianhao almost wanted to laugh wildly at this moment. Maybe he doesn’t know how to practice! But when it comes to playing games, he is a master of masters.

Dantian is abolished, unable to practice? As long as I have a system, I can let you know what is crushing and killing.

Zhang Tianhao, who was still worried about his life just now, was completely relieved at this moment. As long as there is a system, oneself is God.

Well, upgrade first. It’s level 0 now, and level 0 doesn’t have the slightest combat effectiveness. Moreover, he took a look at his blood tank almost dropped to the bottom, and the blood tank continued to fall. But he is not too worried, as long as he upgrades, he can naturally restore everything.

Level 1 requires 100 experience points. For Zhang Tianhao, not just killing 100 ants. He can’t kill people, but it’s easy to kill ants.

Zhang Tianhao glanced at the ant crawling on him, and it was broken. These are all his experiences!

Kill kill kill…

“Congratulations to player Zhang Tianhao for killing an ant, experience value +1…”

Finally, when Zhang Tianhao shot a hundred ants to death.

“Ding Dong!”

“Congratulations to the player Zhang Tianhao for upgrading, the current level of martial artist is the first heaven…”

At that moment, Zhang Tianhao felt a strong flow of heat pouring into his whole body, as if his whole body was suddenly full of power. Is this power? Zhang Tianhao screamed.

“Congratulations to the player for successfully upgrading, do you receive the novice gift pack?”

Just like the game, there is also a newbie gift pack! It’s so fun. When a novice, the novice spree is very generous.


“Congratulations, players, got a Snow Drinking Knife…”

“Congratulations, players, all deputy ranks +1”

“Congratulations to the players, do you practice if you have obtained the Arhat Boxing Secret Book?”

“I’m going, this gift package is too rich!” Zhang Tianhao was overjoyed.

Checked the properties of the Snow Drinking Crazy Knife

Snow Drinking Knife

Level: Sky level

Description: From the wind and cloud dominating the world, the Nie family inherited a treasured sword. The sword is three feet and seven inches long. It is the most cold thing in the world, and it is made of “Bailu”, which is the remaining thing of Nuwa to fill the sky.

Using this knife can stimulate 50% of the power of ice cold. If you use the supporting exercises, you can stimulate 300% of the power of the cold. Attack power +20

Damn it! Zhang Tianhao is overjoyed. With this knife, life is guaranteed.

After throwing the knife into the system space, Zhang Tianhao immediately practiced Luohan Boxing.

“Ding Dong”

“Congratulations to player Zhang Tianhao for successfully practicing Arhat Boxing! The current level is entry.”

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