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Chapter 1414 Seems to be the WZ team?

Chapter 1414 Seems like the WZ team?

The members of the Aurora Racing team followed Sun Shuoran into the training field, and they did not notice the surprised face of Manager Zhang behind them.

Manager Zhang looked confused, thinking that there was a problem with his memory.

Could it be that he remembered it wrong?

Isn’t the team that booked in Zone B the famous WZ team?

The boss personally received him the day he came.

How come you have become a small team now?

Also, the one wearing a mask just now, a small team racer who said his name and didn’t know? Isn’t that Sun Shuoran, who has had a cold recently?

What kind of situation is this

Zhou Yue is still filled with indignation: “Leiyin Motorcade and Lightspeed Motorcade are simply too much. At this time, our Huaguo motorcade should be united. It should be united to rectify us, which is too bullying. Now! The old team is amazing, all the good resources are taken up by them!”

Zheng Xuran on the side echoed: “It’s okay for us not to enter the first league, and we are not in a hurry. If you feel wronged, you can go to Zone F, but don’t The team has to prepare for the first league. Leiyin and Lightspeed are indeed a bit too

overcast this time. Fortunately, there are good-hearted people to help, otherwise where to find the venue temporarily!” Shao Haicheng scratched his head and said suspiciously, “Weird, help. Which team is our team? Generally, the three big venues that are only used by the three international competitions of A, B, and C are rarely reserved by the team. After all, the cost is high, or the cost is even more for the global league. It’s high.

Unless it’s a team that wants to participate in the global league and the pinnacle tournament, which team will ask for this kind of venue at this time?”

Although Mo Shuyun on the side felt strange, he didn’t think too much, “Who knows? , Which one is short of money for racing? It is estimated that it is a small team invested by a rich second-generation or coal boss?” After

hearing Mo Shuyun’s words, a few people didn’t think much, and continued to follow Sun Shuoran.

As a result, as I walked, I found out more and more that

something was not right… All the equipment needed for racing has already been arranged on the huge field.

And these equipment, which are all expensive and scary, are not possible for teams that are not the first echelon of the pinnacle.

On the track, there were three racing cars racing through…

This very familiar silver car…

Zhou Yue stuttered, “This, this… Brothers, what’s wrong with this?”

Zheng Xuran: “Just now. The silver racing car in the past…If I am not mistaken, it seems to be a war rider of the WZ team?”

Shao Haicheng: “You…you look up.”

Several people raised their heads and followed Shao Haicheng’s eyes.

On the top of the head is the nameplate of the team arranged on the field, and it is a striking two-letter LOGO-WZ! ! !

Zhou Yue and Zheng Xuran widened their eyes at the same time, “Fuck…fuck!!!” The

team logos are all hung up, it is absolutely impossible to be wrong!

“Team… Captain! Look! What’s going on?” All of them looked at Mo Shuyun for a while.

Mo Shuyun’s mouth twitched, “I saw it! I’m not blind! You ask me, who should I ask!” When the

others looked at Mo Shuyun, Mo Shuyun looked at Lin Yan, “Goddess, what’s the situation?”

Lin Yan gave a light cough and blinked, “Ah? I don’t know! What’s the matter?”

Yun Xuan on the side looked around blankly, and at this moment he finally reacted.

It’s no wonder that the person wearing the mask is familiar with him just now. It turns out that he didn’t admit his mistake. He was really the fourth brother.

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