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Chapter 1415 Is this something you can see without spending money

Chapter 1415 Is this something you can see without spending money?

Just when the members of the Aurora team were confused, the three cars that were training on the track successively drove to the finish line.

The first one to get out of the car was Lang Python.

The second one to get out of the car is K.

The third one to get out of the car is the butcher.

Zhou Yue: “…”


Xuran : “…” Shao Haicheng: “…”

Mo Shuyun: “…”

Several people watched the top racing circles who can only be seen on TV one after another. One by one came down from the car, and had completely lost the ability to think.

Wh… what’s the situation! ! !

Wave Python!



Anyone who was pulled out was a god-like figure in the racing circle, like a thunderbolt, but now three appeared in front of them at the same time!

Zheng Xuran: “Team Mo, you slap me! Am I dreaming?”

Zhou Yue stiffly turned to look at the mask man who brought them in front: “Brother, don’t tell me, this…this is you The so-called small team

?? ” Shao Haicheng also said: “Did you take us to the wrong place, buddy?”

Sun Shuoran took off the mask on his face and smiled passionately: “That’s right, it’s here. ! “

Zhou Yue, Cheng Yuk Ran, Shao Haicheng:” Sun Sun Shuo then …… !!! “

after Sun Shuo then take off the masks, see his appearance, the trio once again feeling as if by a million points crit.


The four gods of the WZ team are here!

What a famous scene of the century!

Is this what they can see without spending money?

Mo Shuyun was also stunned. He also didn’t expect that the WZ team invited them over, “Sun…Mr. Sun, didn’t you just say that it was just a…small team?”

Sun Shuoran’s face was not flushed or beaten,” It’s a small team. We don’t have a few people in our team!”

Mo Shuyun was speechless, “A few people?” There

are not many racers, but they are all big guys, and the people behind the scenes are enough to set up a large-scale company. the company.

Sun Shuoran looked at Lin Yan braggingly: “My master taught us to be humble when we were young.”

Lin Yan: “…” There is nothing to do with me.

Mo Shuyun: “…” Are you too humble, boss?

Langman, KING, and the butcher were all startled when they saw Lin Yan.

Sun Shuoran said just now that he was going to stroll outside, maybe he could meet the master by chance.

Unexpectedly, this kid brought the master directly!

However, fortunately, the three of them are much more stable than Sun Shuoran, and they didn’t show too much abnormality, but they couldn’t help but look in the direction of Lin Yan.

“Goddess, how do I feel that the big guys are watching you?” Mo Shuyun murmured.

Lin Yan gave him a white look, “I’m the only one. If you don’t look at me, don’t you look at you?”

Mo Shuyun: “…” There seems to be no problem?

However, I still feel that the eyes of the big guys are weird. They are not the expressions of beautiful women, but are…like seeing their mothers.

At this time, WZ’s team manager Lu Sen walked over with a notebook and tester in his hand. He was looking for Langman to talk to them, but when he saw a group of strangers, he frowned.

Lu Sen: “Who are these people?”

Sun Shuoran hurriedly explained: “Oh, they, they are the racers of the Huaguo Aurora Team. Their reserved venue was robbed. I invited them to our training together.”

As soon as Lu Sen heard this, Suddenly his face changed, he pulled Sun Shuoran into the corner, and reprimanded with a serious face: “Naughty! Who asked you to invite a team you didn’t know to come here?”

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