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Chapter 1416 It’s Yeva Herself

Chapter 1416 is Yeva herself,

“Why can’t you invite, anyway, the place is so big~” Sun Shuoran disapproved.

Lu Sen has long been accustomed to Sun Shuoran’s unreliability, and said angrily: “Is this a big problem in the place? Let alone other teams, even the idlers cannot appear during training. Not to mention. This team is also a team that has entered the world’s first league. You let them come to our scheduled venue to train together. Is there something wrong with your brain?”

Sun Shuoran raised his eyebrows: “What’s wrong with Brother Sen, are you afraid that they would steal it? Master?”

Seeing Sun Shuoran’s indifferent attitude, Lu Sen was almost pissed off by him, “What do you say! The content of the special training is absolutely confidential, don’t you know? Are you taking part in the special training the first day?”

Sun Shuoran blinked: “Of course I know. I’m not stupid. But, the Aurora Racing Team can’t steal the trainer. What does it matter?”

Lu Sen vowed that if it weren’t for letting this kid participate in the peak race, he would definitely fight him. One: “How do you know that it is impossible for someone to steal a teacher? Does this kind of pre-match snooping news happen rarely? I have so painstakingly made a safe venue, you are good, just take the thief to the house!”

Sun Shuoran pulled Lu Sen to act like a baby: “Oh, brother, what a thief, it’s really impossible. Anyone is possible, but the person I invited over is impossible!”

Lu Sen was angry: “You kid…” The

team manager simply wanted Being pissed off by Sun Shuoran, just when he couldn’t help but want to get rid of it, Yu Guang suddenly didn’t know what he saw, and the words behind him suddenly got stuck in his throat.

He… what did he see…

Lu Sen’s aftermath accidentally saw a very familiar figure in the Aurora team.

The girl was talking to Mo Shuyun, she seemed to have noticed that someone was watching her, so she turned her head subconsciously and looked in the direction where she was looking.

In the next second, the girl’s gaze was so aligned with Lu Sen’s.

Lu Sen could hardly believe his eyes: “Y…Yeva!!!”

Seeing Lu Sen finally spotted Lin Yan, Sun Shuoran quickly covered his mouth before he yelled out loudly, “Sen Brother, be quiet! I promised the master to keep it secret!”

Lu Sen’s eyes widened: “That… Is that really Yeva?”

Although the girl has changed a lot and looks brighter, everyone has worked together in the same team for so many years. He couldn’t even recognize Yeva.

Sun Shuoran triumphantly: “Yes!”

Lu Sen still felt a little unbelievable: “Why is Yeva in the Aurora Team?”

Sun Shuoran : “She is now a driver of the Aurora Team, this time in the third league and second league in the world. Champion, Lin Yan.”

Lu Sen was shocked: “You…what did you say? Lin Yan…Lin Yan is Yeva!!!”

Sun Shuoran nodded, “Yes.”

Lu Sen looked in a daze, “No wonder… No wonder… When I watched the video review before, I always felt that the style of this female racing car seemed familiar… I thought… I thought it was another person who imitated Yeva… “

Who would have thought, that’s Yeva himself!”

Lin Yan also has a star status in China. She doesn’t want this status to be too much attention to affect the competition, so she rarely shows her face when participating in the competition, and rarely accepts media interviews, so that he has no chance to find…

Sun Shuoran pouted: “Brother Sen, don’t worry now. Our master is on the opposite side. What kind of master is stealing from the other side! Even if it is stolen, it is almost the same as we want to steal the master back!”

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