Chapter 1500 Much Better Than Him

Chapter 1500 is much more powerful than him.

As the voice of the holy land protector fell, Pei Gan’s complexion changed slightly.

Although Pei Li’s body is immortal and absolutely immune to physical attacks, if it is an extremely powerful mental attack, it can still cause a certain amount of damage to Pei Li.

Although mental attacks could not kill Pei Li, the pain was real.

At this moment, Pei Gan was like facing an enemy, thinking about countermeasures.

However, the guardian of the Holy Land sighed and said helplessly: “But, mental attack, I won’t…”

As the voice of the guardian of the Holy Land fell, Pei Qian’s mouth twitched slightly. Is this old man here to be funny? Mental attack said a fart, startled him.

“That’s really a pity, since this is the case, no matter how strong you are, you can’t beat me.” Pei Li looked at the holy land protector blankly, and said faintly.

Indeed, the Holy Land Guardian did not refute it. What this child said is not a lie. He has an absolutely immortal body and is 100% immune to physical damage. Even if the strongest body evolver in the world comes, there is nothing to do with this child. , Relying on the immortal body, consumption can also consume him to death.

“Hey, I really can’t do anything with you.” The Holy Land Protector sighed, and blasted a palm towards Pei Li.

Pei Li did not evade, and a palm that also contained terrifying power struck towards the holy land protector.

Just listen to a loud explosion like a loud noise spreading all around.

When facing the two palms of the guardian of the Holy Land, Pei Li’s brows suddenly frowned, and the palm of the old man’s palm was soft.

When Pei Li came back to his senses, his body was actually restrained, and his body was pressed with a pile of mud-like things. Even if Pei Li had enough milking energy, he still couldn’t get out.

“What is this…” A look of surprise appeared in Pei Li’s eyes.

Hearing the sound, the holy land guardian Chao Pei Li smiled: “Some little tricks are specially used to deal with some evolvers with weird evolving abilities. Now, wait for me to solve them first, and then solve you.”

“Not good…”

Pei Li’s crazy attack worked, but as the Holy Land Protector said, it would take a few minutes before I could get out of trouble.

“Why did you drop your chain at a critical time!” Pei Gan couldn’t help but complain to Pei Li: “I’m so miserable.”

Pei Li didn’t bother to take care of Pei Gan, he had to damage what was pressing on him as soon as possible, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous.

“Little guy, you don’t have a shield, what should I do now.” The holy land guardian looked at Pei Gan and said with a smile: “Why don’t you leave now? We don’t have any grudges. I won’t follow this. You care about it, go quickly.”

“You are not ashamed of the old man, you want to kill my mother first, and then my aunt. You also said that you have no grudges or complaints, and you too underestimated me…even though I didn’t. An indestructible body, but…I also have my strengths. You are the first to learn. Even if you are killed by me, you will be honored.” Pei Gan sneered.

Hearing the sound, the holy land protector sighed helplessly, looked at Pei Gan, and said: “I really don’t see what you have, at least, you are not one-dimensional compared to that child.” The

holy land protector said. That child” naturally refers to Pei Li.

“Hmph, blinded your dog’s eyes, I’m much better than him!” Pei Gan was unconvinced.

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