Chapter 1512 I am indeed a genius

Chapter 1512 I am indeed a genius.

After a while, the Holy Land Guardian stood there and looked at Mu Feng who was not far from him. He smiled and said, “Young man, your evolutionary level is very high. Clan lacking genius evolution, are you interested in joining the Holy Land? The responsibility of maintaining the balance of the world will fall on you in the future.”

As the voice of the Holy Land protector fell, Pei Gan sneered, “I said, old man, you guys. Is there a shortage of people in the Holy Land? Why do you say that when you see people, you big liar!”

Mu Feng first glanced at Pei Gan and said coldly, “This time, he really didn’t lie.”

“Huh?” Pei Gan was a little inexplicable: “Why?”

There was no emotion on Mu Feng’s stern face: “He didn’t lie, I’m indeed a genius.”

Pei Gan was stunned, and then the corners of his mouth twitched.

Pei Li: “…”

Xing Shen: “…”

Ling Yue: “…”

Lin Yan: “How much is his bounty?” Lin

Nuo: “…”

“Young man, how about it? If you are interested in joining the Holy Land, you will be the infinite glory and glory in the future.”

“Thank you, I don’t like balance, I’m not interested.” Mu Feng said.

“Well, that’s really a shame. Alas, the young evolutionary now is really less and less responsible.” The Holy Land Guardian sighed and looked at Mu Feng and continued: “Young man, your evolutionary ability is indeed true. Very strong, but still a lot worse than me. Don’t get in the way, otherwise I will kill you.”

“Holy Land Guardian, if you are really that strong, would you dare to take my sword?” Mu Feng said with a serious face.

Mu Yu beside Lin Yan stared at Mu Feng, with a complex smile on her face: “It hasn’t changed for so many years. It’s still so serious…shameless.”

“Okay, let’s try it.” The holy land protector smiled. road.

As soon as the Holy Land Protector finished speaking, Mu Feng had disappeared from the place, reaching the limit, and instantly came to the Holy Land Protector.


I saw Mu Feng cut down with a sword, with a terrifying sound of breaking through the air.


Under the stunned gaze of everyone, the guardian of the holy land faced a sharp sword that could destroy everything, but did not evade it at all, but instead intercepted it with two fingers.

Instinctively, Mu Feng withdrew and retreated, keeping a safe distance from the holy land protector.

“The Holy Land Protector is indeed well-deserved. It’s powerful, admire it.” Mu Feng stared at the Holy Land Protector and said coldly.

“Oh, young man, what age are you using now? Swords are still used. You are an evolutionary. You use swords as weapons. Either your mind is not normal, or you are deliberately acting handsome. Do you think I am right? The holy land guardian stared at the long sword in Mu Feng’s hand and sneered.

The young men and women beside Mu Feng couldn’t help but hush each other.

Although Mu Feng himself would not admit it, the Holy Land Guardian was right, he was just pretending to be cool and handsome!


A loud noise spread throughout the audience.

The holy land guardian looked down at the pierced wound on his shoulder, and then looked at Mu Feng in disbelief.

Not only the holy land protector was dumbfounded, but Pei Gan Peili and Lin Nuo were also stunned.

I saw that Lin Nuo was holding a smoking pistol in his hand…

“I just thought about it, what you said makes sense, then I will use this.” Mu Feng said with a serious expression, “This bullet It’s specially made, specifically for the evolutionary.”

Pei Gan: “…”

Pei Li: “…”

Lin Nuo: “…”

Xing Shen: “…”

Ling Yue: “…”

Mu Yu: “…”

Lin Yan: “…”

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