Chapter 1513 Let’s Continue

Chapter 1513 Let’s continue to see

Mu Feng, the boss of the Mu family, the legendary and powerful evolutionary, why is it a bit unreasonable to play cards?

The Holy Land Guardian said that he used his sword to lose his teeth. He didn’t even refute, and he turned around and took out a gun, even using a special bullet, and finally wounded the Holy Land Guardian.

Lin Yan also never expected that this man, who was carrying a sword and looked like a fairy-style man, suddenly played such a show. The most speechless thing is that he can still maintain a serious expression. Such a shameless incident is really shocking.

Mu Yu stared at Mu Feng, trying to say something, but in the end she didn’t say anything.

These people are eldest brothers who don’t understand the Mu family. Mu Yu grew up with him, and she naturally knew exactly who Mu Feng was.

This guy is not a fuel-efficient lamp at all. He has liked to bully her and his sister Mu Yan since he was a child. Not only that, he has bullied almost all of Mu’s juniors.

Not only is the mind languishing, but people are also extremely shameless.

Of course, Mu Feng might not feel shameless would hook him up, but in everything he did, although his expression was serious, the things he did were shameless.

Just like when she bullied her and her younger sister Mu Yan, can you imagine that the older brother, who looked serious and not angry, snatched their snacks easily.

Therefore, what Mu Feng did just now may be unbelievable and surprised by others, but she will not, it is too normal, even when he first took action, she already had an ominous premonition, and as a result, she was really “elegant.”

Just like back then… “How can there be such shameless young people like you in this world? I just said that as an evolutionary, you used your sword very deliberately, very strangely. You didn’t let you change your gun. You actually used a special bullet. …As an evolutionary of your level, don’t you feel ashamed to use ordinary people’s firearms?” The Holy Land Guardian looked at Mu Feng and shouted coldly.

Hearing the sound, Mu Feng pondered for a moment, then lowered his head as if looking for something.

“Cousin, don’t look for it. I left it at home even more fiercely. I am not tired from carrying that thing. Besides, ordinary people are not terrified. We will be taken away.” A girl is timid. Opening.

“Oh.” Mu Feng glanced at the girl.

The guardian of the Holy Land frowned. Just now… what was this young man looking for?

Xing Chen poked the back of Ling Yue’s hand: “Is he just looking for… a cannon?”

“Ah, this… I don’t know, but it seems, maybe, there is such a possibility, this person. I always feel that my mind is not normal, and it feels very difficult to provoke…” Ling Yue wiped the sweat from her forehead.

“Hey Pei Li, what was he looking for just now?” Pei Gan looked at Pei Li.

“Maybe it’s a rocket launcher.” Pei Li said after a moment of thought.

“Well, in this case, then I don’t need a gun. Even a specially made bullet shouldn’t pose any threat to you.” Mu Feng said lightly.

“Okay, young man, let’s continue.” The holy land guardian smiled softly.


As soon as he finished speaking, Mu Feng raised his hand with a shot and hit the wrist of the holy land guardian.

Lin Yan: “…” Lin

Nuo: “…”

Pei Gan: “…”

Pei Li: “…”

Mu Yu: “…”

Xing Shen: “…”

Ling Yue: “…”

Mu Number of people in the family: “…”

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