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Chapter 2 Her Husband-Jiang Heping

who are you? “

Even after looking at the surrounding environment, Cao Qiuyue still did not figure out the situation in front of him.

The woman in front of me doesn’t seem to be a good stubborn, but after all, this is someone else’s territory. It’s better to ask politely.

Strange to say, her memory still only stayed one second before being stunned by the brick.

There is not the slightest impression of the sight in front of him.

Sister-in-law, if you look at her, she used to have a bad temper, but now she pretends not to recognize someone! It’s really going to make people laugh out loud! “, Peng Liping sneered, and pointed at Cao Qiuyue without evasiveness.

Qiuyue, have you really forgotten everything? I’m your mother-in-law Gu Mei, she’s Peng Liping, and your father-in-law’s sister. In terms of seniority, you should call her an aunt. “

Oh, by the way, and your husband Jiang Heping. He is still in the clinic. We will pick him up together later. “The woman standing on the right looked at Cao Qiuyue, but didn’t say much, her eyes became a little more worried, and she moved her name to her.

No, sister-in-law, can you believe her nonsense? ! In order to hide from the farm work, she will have a headache today and a pain in her butt tomorrow. To me, she did it on purpose! It was just not to pick up the peace, that I tried my best to assemble such a moth! Anyway, it is really unlucky for us to peacefully stand on a wife like you! “

Cao Qiuyue listened to the words from the left to the right. Although they received some information, it was better to see them as they were.

She rolled over and got out of bed, put on cloth shoes, and ran outside the house.

The yard looked empty.

Except for a dog tied up in the corner, barking barking at her.

Nothing else.

Here…it’s not a hospital.

Cao Qiuyue looked at the empty courtyard blankly, feeling confused.

At this time, Gu Mei and the others also followed.

Thinking of what Gu Mei had just said, Cao Qiuyue turned her head in surprise and grabbed her hand and asked: Mother-in-law, I have a question. What year is it now? “

Gu Mei was startled by her actions. She looked at Cao Qiuyue with shocked eyes. She also probed the temperature of her forehead with her free hand to see if she had burned her brain.

It’s 1981, Qiuyue, are you really confused or fake? Did you fall into your head when you jumped out of the car? “



After hearing this sentence, Cao Qiuyue realized one thing in a daze.

Perhaps this is not the modern era where she lived for decades, but the 80s before the modern era.

Did you guess wrong?

She seems to have crossed.

For Cao Qiuyue, all the scenes in front of him were just things that appeared in the books.

For example, piles of valleys like hills, soft and fertile land underneath…

Now, she has seen it with her own eyes.

Just as she was slowly digesting this huge amount of information, a lurching figure suddenly appeared at the entrance of the courtyard.

Looking from a distance, the man was tall, with his back straight, and he looked like he was once well-trained, but the contrast was more abrupt, he was holding two crutches in his hand.

Taking a closer look, the thick plaster and gauze wrapped around his legs have severely hindered normal walking. It seems that he has just taken care of it briefly, and he has not received very good treatment.

He had a clean shaved head, his facial features were just right, his sword eyebrows and star eyes, his skin was healthy wheat, his eyes were righteous and awe-inspiring, even with crutches, he still looked indifferent.

Gu Mei saw the person at the door, and immediately became energetic, ran in the direction of that person, helped him in, complaining and distressed.

Hey, peace! Didn’t you say that you wait for me and Qiuyue to pick you up? Why did you come back by yourself? ! “

With a small smile on the corner of Jiang Heping’s mouth, he comforted Gu Mei: It’s okay, mom, don’t you think I am coming back by myself now? “

Gu Mei was still uneasy. She glanced at Cao Qiuyue and greeted her: Come, Qiuyue, come and help me enter the house with peace. “

Cao Qiuyue walked over without saying a word, and supported Jiang Heping with Gu Mei.

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