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Chapter 3 She Doesn’t Remember Anymore

But her leisurely gaze stared at the front, contacting the information she had just heard.

she knows.

Although she didn’t know the person in front of her.

But in this place, it was her closest family in name, her husband, Jiang Heping.

While she was looking at him, Jiang Heping was also looking at Cao Qiuyue.

In his eyes, what Cao Qiuyue saw was clear and clean, without a trace of distracting thoughts.

This also made Cao Qiuyue slightly stunned for a moment before asking softly.

Jiang Heping, they all said it was me that made your legs look like this, right? “

She usually calls people directly by first name and last name, so this name is not abrupt.

Hearing that, Jiang Heping was taken aback by her sudden question, and his eyes became more questionable.

Didn’t she see and experience this kind of thing with her own eyes? Why do you want to ask her again?

He glanced at Gu Mei first, then withdrew his gaze, replied with consideration.

It’s okay, you don’t have to blame yourself, how can we say that we are also a family, you are in danger, I can’t just watch it by the side? You should be protected, and besides, you don’t want this to happen, right? “

Although he didn’t answer her question positively, he still responded.

Sure enough, his leg was broken because of her.

To be precise, it was broken because of the original owner of this body.

But why is she appearing at this moment?

Cao Qiuyue and Gu Mei supported him and sat on the side of the bed, with a little thoughtful expression in their expressions.

She looked down at Jiang Heping’s face, her eyes fell on his sharp eyebrows, and asked softly.

Can you tell me what happened a few days ago? Or a little further forward. “

Jiang Heping raised his head and glanced at her, always feeling that Cao Qiuyue in front of him seemed to be a different person, and he felt as if nothing had changed.

No, there is something wrong.

She used to speak carelessly, without covering up, and using crude and improper words.

With such gentle and gentle questioning, even the tone of voice has become very different from the past.

It’s like suddenly turning from the boldness of the north to the gentleness of the southern water town.

Moreover, at this time, she usually pushes people aside, or shuts herself in the house and refuses to come out.

Now it’s a bit more patient and annoying.

What’s wrong with you, why do you suddenly ask this? “

Jiang Heping really had some doubts in his heart, and he didn’t follow her words.

The next second, he saw Gu Mei gesturing behind Cao Qiuyue.

Gu Mei pointed to her head, then pointed to Cao Qiuyue, Jiang Heping somewhat understood what was going on.

His eyes were deep, and he still didn’t believe her in his heart.

It’s just that, after pondering for a while, he turned his head to look at Cao Qiuyue, with a calm tone and a mellow and kind voice.

You can’t remember anymore, can you? “

Cao Qiuyue nodded.

Is it because the previous things can’t be remembered, or only the most recent forgotten? “

I don’t even remember. “Cao Qiuyue didn’t intend to hide her situation, after all, they were so close to each other, and the few people in front of them were still worthy of her trust.

Even if the relationship between their husbands and wives was not harmonious.

But at a critical juncture, Jiang Heping was willing to jump out of the car in order to save her.

From this alone, it can be seen that he is a true man with responsibility and responsibility.

After understanding her specific situation, Jiang Heping did not appear impatient, and he answered whatever Cao Qiuyue asked, patiently telling Cao Qiuyue about the past.

It turned out that the original owner of this body was also named Cao Qiuyue.

He is now eighteen years old, a great age.

She was originally the youngest daughter of Cao’s family in Xinghua Village next door.

Last year, when Jiang Heping went to join the army and did not return, the Cao family discussed with the Jiang family about the two children. After Jiang Heping returned from the army, the children married.

I thought this matter would have to be considered in a few years.

But after all, the plan cannot keep up with the changes.

A few months ago, Jiang Heping’s father suddenly disappeared while he was working in another city.

Not only that, but also owed a large debt outside.

The Jiang family, who was originally well-off, was directly emptied by debts.

After learning the news of his father, Jiang Heping was worried about the situation at home, so he left the army and returned home.

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