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Chapter 3 (The strongest violent system)

Zhang Tianhao immediately put on the king’s armor. Take a look at the properties.

Item: Shenwu armor

Level: King level (levels are divided into: god level, holy level, heaven level, king level, mortal level)

Item description: Defense +20 can weaken the enemy’s attack, depending on the cultivation base. The weaker the enemy’s cultivation base, the stronger the defense.

Yes, Zhang Tianhao is still very satisfied. After putting on the armor, I felt my life was guaranteed.

Zhang Tianhao’s most greedy thing is Promise Rage, which is the most heaven-defying magical power in the game. I don’t know if there is such a bull in the real world. Zhang Tianhao, check the properties quickly.

Supernatural powers: Promise Fury (Level 1)

Level: God level

Proficiency: 1/100

Cooling time: half an hour (the higher the level, the shorter the cooling time)

Description: Level 1 Promise Rage, can instantly increase all attributes by 2 times.

Zhang Tianhao was extremely satisfied. This Promise Fury is now his strongest hole card.

Zhang Tianhao happily opened his character attributes to view

Player: Zhang Tianhao (120 HP)

Level: Warrior 2nd Heaven

Infuriating: 40

Martial Arts: Arhat Boxing

Supernatural powers: Promise Fury (Level 1) Overlord’s Qi

Method: Purple Qi Jue

Charm value: 0

Lucky value: 0

Attack: 2

Defense 2 (+20)

Agility 2

“Well, now Lao Tzu is the Second Heaven of Martial Artist, Zhang Zhentian, you wait to see who of us can play with whom.” Zhang Tianhao said confidently.

Wuzhe double heaven, has a power of 200 jin. Coupled with the entry-level Luohanquan, it is not impossible to defeat the general warrior triple. After all, Luohan Boxing is a top-grade Huang-level martial skill. And the general martial artist, unless it is the direct line of a large family, at most, it is to practice the mortal level of exercises. Not to mention, Huang-level high-grade, even yellow-grade low-grade martial arts are all luxury.

Although occupying this body, because of the fusion of memory and soul, he has inherited everything in this body, covering love, hatred, and hatred.

Do not worry! Brother! From now on we will be one, and I will not let you be bullied by anyone again. Anyone who dares to provoke, I will kill him.

Zhang Tianhao returned to the Zhang family in Ninghai City, and when he entered the Zhang family, he felt that many people were pointing at him, either contemptuous or contemptuous.

On the way, Zhang Tianhao also finally sorted out his current situation.

Although he was the young master, his cultivation was abolished following the disappearance of his father. His status has plummeted, and now he and his sister and mother have been driven to a woodshed in the northeast of Zhang’s house.

As soon as he arrived outside the firewood room, Zhang Tianhao heard a screaming scream. There are also women’s screams.

“Li Qinglian, you didn’t finish today’s work, so courageous…”

“Manager Lin, I’m looking for my son today, and I will definitely make up for the work I owe overnight.” A woman’s weak voice begged.

“This is the mother?”

Zhang Tianhao suddenly became angry. Murder broke out. Rushed into the house.

As soon as he entered the house, everything in front of him made Zhang Tianhao’s eyes distraught. Mother was rolled all over the floor by a fat middle-aged woman with a belt, screaming again and again. There were also two women who could not help cursing, with vicious faces.

“court death!”

Zhang Tianhao dashed forward. When she came to the woman who beat her mother, she slapped her palm down before the woman could react. The woman screamed, flew out, landed on the ground, and vomited blood.

Zhang Tianhao stared at the other two women who were panicked again, and said angrily: “Who gave you the courage to attack my mother…”

The woman in yellow seems to be the leader. Seeing that Zhang Tianhao was so domineering, his face was horrified, and his whole body was trembling with fear, and he took a few steps back.

Zhang Tianhao could see that the woman in the yellow clothes seemed to be in charge, and in the final analysis she was still a servant of the Zhang family. A servant dared to treat the original Patriarch’s wife so arrogantly. Simply bold.

Zhang Tianhao stepped up, and slapped down again. The maid beside the woman in yellow screamed and flew away.

The woman in yellow was trembling with shock when she watched Zhang Tianhao hurt her two maids in succession. But she quickly calmed down, as if confidently saying: “Zhang Tianhao, you are no longer the young master of the Zhang family. My uncle is the second steward of the Zhang family. If you dare to move me, my uncle will not let you go.”

“Hmph, even if your uncle is here now, he won’t be able to save you.” Zhang Tianhao snorted coldly.

“is it!”

With a cold voice, a middle-aged man in a gray robe broke into the house. It was Lin Gang, the second steward of the Zhang family.

Lin Gang stared at Zhang Tianhao angrily and said, “Boy, so brave, you dare to hurt people at will. No one can save you. I advise you to put her down quickly and kneel down to lead the crime. I can take it lightly.”

“It’s a big man. This person commits the crime, offends the young master, insults my mother, the crime is not tolerable, and the cultivation base should be abolished.”

Zhang Tianhao laughed angrily. A palm patted the woman in yellow.


The woman in yellow screamed under Zhang Tianhao’s blow, her dantian was crushed and she passed out in pain.

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