Chapter 9 Break Your Leg

“Lin Yan! Lin Yan? What are you looking at?”

It wasn’t until Wang Jingyang called himself that Lin Yan turned back and said, “What …”

“Are you OK?”

“No, I was stunned, what did you say?”

at the same time.

In the black car under the shade.

On the back seat, a faint smile appeared on the bottom of the man’s eyes and murmured softly, “Did you find it?”

Pei Nanxu at the side was full of worries at the moment, “Brother, you just woke up, does your body really matter?”

After Pei Chengcheng woke up, the doctor gave him a full body examination, everything was normal, but he will be hospitalized for a few days to observe.

However, as soon as Pei Chengcheng woke up, she came to this girl named Lin Yan as soon as possible.

Pei Nanxu followed Pei Chengcheng’s gaze and couldn’t figure out. What is so special about this girl can make Pei Chengcheng care so much.

Pei Chengcheng didn’t speak, and his cold eyes slowly fell on Wang Jingyang opposite Lin Yan. The smile under his eyes disappeared a little …

Pei Yancheng: “Nanxu, I remember, when you studied abroad, you studied biological electromagnetic mechanics.”

Pei Nanxu did not know why Pei Chengcheng suddenly turned to this topic and nodded, “Yes, my instructor analyzed the human brain waves with a special instrument and found that the brain wave current can form a specific electromagnetic field. He believes that It’s a small world with a magnetic field of its own special frequency. “

Pei Yuecheng’s eyes were so secretive, “So, can one’s brain waves be transferred and controlled by others?”

Pei Nanxu was even more puzzled. “Brother, why do you suddenly ask these?”

Pei Chengcheng: “Nothing.”

During the coma, he found that his consciousness … was attached to Lin Yan’s body …

On the barbecue stall.

Soon, the boss brought beer and skewers one after another.

The wrench is not easy to use, Wang Jingyang tried several times without success.

Lin Yan glanced at him, picked the beer from his hand with a white and delicate hand, and put it next to his mouth, “click it” to bite the bottle cap directly with his teeth, then handed it back to Wang Jingyang’s hand in.

Wang Jingyang watched her extremely smooth movement silently: “…”

After lingering for a long time, Wang Jingyang said silently, “Do you know what your name is? You are called painting tigers and not anti-dogs, and the whole thing is to do something!”

Lin Shuya’s weak temperament emanates from the inside out, not you can pretend!

Han Yixuan is not blind! Can you counterfeit a fake? Reloading doesn’t look like it! “

Lin Yan didn’t speak, biting off the second bottle cap, grunting and uttering a whole bottle.

Wang Jingyang continued to spit out: “Lin Yan, I didn’t say you, you can’t blame your sister and that scumbag today, all of you are used to it!

Sober up, do n’t be obsessed anymore. You treat Lin Shuya as your closest person. She did n’t finish draining your blood. Even your man has to **** it. She just treats you as a cash machine and A silly … “

Lin Yan looked up sadly at 45 degrees looking up at the night sky and interrupted him with a smile. “Dog, if you say one more word, believe it or not I interrupt your dog’s leg?”

Lin Yan smiled and said these words, even more terrible than her fierce look.

Wang Jingyang was silent for a moment, mumbling and squinting silently there.

“Okay, you don’t need to say anything. I’ve been awake long ago. From now on, I have nothing to do with Lin Shuya.” Lin Yan picked up the wine on the table and drank it.