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Chapter 1417 You Behave Normally

Chapter 1417 You behave normally,

Lu Sen: “…”

Lu Sen could not refute Sun Shuoran’s words.

The four top drivers of WZ are all taught by Lin Yan. Anyone can steal the teacher. It is impossible for her alone. She herself is the “teacher”.

“You… brat! Why didn’t you say it earlier!” Lu Sen was surprised, happy and entangled, “Hey wait, since Yeva has returned to the arena, why not go back to WZ, but go to China for a name? The small team that has been rumored?”

Sun Shuoran sighed, “Master must be because the things that year were too chilling, and he didn’t want us to be targeted…”

Before Lin Yan’s limelight was too high, he almost subverted the rule with his own power. GO empire that has been racing for many years.

At that time, he was caught on the handle of “taking prohibited drugs”, how could those people let it go, and the master later learned the truth about being drugged… At that time, he was really afraid that the master would never touch the racing car again in his life. .

Fortunately, the master finally returned to the arena.

Sun Shuoran said, with a look of yearning, “Aurora is the team built by the master himself! I really want to go to the team of the master!” As

soon as he said this, Lu Sen almost couldn’t lift it up.” Stinky boy, if you dare to run, I won’t interrupt your legs!”

Sun Shuoran: “I want to be with the master!”

“Then do you find a way to bring the master back! It’s easy to talk about money!” Lu Sen said secretly. egg on.

Sun Shuoran murmured: “Of course I want to, but how is it possible? The master has already competed as a Chinese racer. Moreover, the master was originally a Chinese, and he came to foreign countries because of lack of money.

I’m short of money. You don’t know, my master’s newly-accepted sixth younger brother is rich, and the master’s new boyfriend is even richer…”

Lu Sen suddenly rested his mind when he heard this. Isn’t he short of money? That’s definitely not the case.

“It’s all right, I won’t talk to you anymore, I’ll go over and say hello!” Lu Sen quickly adjusted his clothes.

Sun Shuoran did not forget to remind in a low voice, “You behave normally, don’t let people see it. I promised the master her identity will be kept secret for the time being.”

“I will use you to teach.”

Lu Sen gave him a blank look and turned towards Lin. Go in the direction of the smoke.

Lu Sen’s expression was quite complacent, and his footsteps were indeed quite steady.

However, just a few steps in the direction of Lin Yan, he staggered and almost stepped on his right foot.

“Uh, cough cough cough, Y…Miss Lin Yan, hello! I am Lucen Garcia, the manager of the WZ team!” Lucen greeted Lin Yan in fluent Chinese.

Lin Yan smiled when he saw the visitor, “Mr. Garcia, hello,

I’ve heard the name for a long time.” Lu Sen: “Miss Lin, Shuo Ran has already told me just now. You can use the venue as you like. You are polite, you can always find me if you need it.”

Zhou Yue and others on the side saw that Lu Sen not only had no objection, but was so enthusiastic, they were a little bit astonished.

Where is enthusiasm, this is almost… flattering, right?

“Is this really the manager of the WZ team? It’s too approachable!”

“He’s right, he’s seen it on TV.”

Mo Shuyun on the side said: “Is this…wouldn’t it be too disturbing? ? “

Lucien busy:” Shucks, no, this has nothing to disturb, the greatest of pleasure. “

Mo Yun book:” …… ??? “

it was really a say can understand a small team, At the level of the WZ team, is there something wrong with this?

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